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You and your kids will love these 5 super child-friendly cafes in Vienna

Having kids is like becoming a member of the Illuminati – you’re suddenly part of a secret society of people who know things about the city that you never knew existed before. And knowing the cafes and restaurants where mums and dads can grab some quality food (or load up on coffee) while the kids play is one of the most sought after pieces of info within this parent club.

Here are 5 of our favourite places to eat and drink while the kids play – and if you’re a parent, you’ll know that the ‘play’ part is the key ingredient in allowing parents time to actually make it through a meal in peace. 

Yamm! – kid cafes Vienna

MON–THU: 11am–3pm & 6pm–11pm
FRI–SAT: 8am–3pm & 6pm–11pm
SUN: 8am–3pm

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When you’re planning to stop by Yamm! you’re going to want to come H-U-N-G-R-Y!  The gorgeous and enticing buffet, full of healthy vegetarian food calls for gorging oneself…oh, and your kid. If you’re not up for the buffet, you can order from a full breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu and save room for dessert (you should also check them out). And while you cater to your belly, the children can kick their shoes off and have a go on the slide, or crawl around on the padded platforms in the play area.

And we’d like to make a special shout out to Yamm!’s ground floor family bathroom that supplies a changing table, water heater, and bottle warmer. We know we’ll be camping out here with our kids until March!

Something Special: they have great vegan options, even in their cake cabinet!

Kid Cafes Denns Wien

denn’s Biomarkt – kid cafes Vienna

MON-FRI: 9am-8pm
SAT: 8am-6pm
SUN: closed

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The cafes attached to this organic supermarket are a well kept secret for parents. It’s time to think outside of your traditional-café-box and consider adding the cafes located in denn’s Biomarkt to your list of places to grab a bite with the kids. Selected denn’s locations (our favourite being the one located on Lindengasse) have a cafe that also host a play station where the kids can push, pull, and rearrange an array of fun nobs and buttons, while you enjoy a freshly pressed carrot juice, or treat yourself to a vegan cookie, or an organic croissant from the bakery counter.

How about you meet a friend for a juice date and do the week’s grocery shopping afterwards – who says you can’t do it all at once? A trip to denn’s will leave you feeling like a badass super parent (and one with a satisfied belly).

denn’s Biomarkt cafes special something: the array of great quality organic baked goods, drinks and other food on the menu is unexpected and great for you an your kids. Also, your kid may start to enjoy shopping.


Kid Cafes Lauserpause Wien

Kindercafe Lauserpause – kid cafes Vienna

This second district gem is just the place to schedule a nice long play date. The kids can climb and slide in a netted jungle gym, jump in a ball pit, or put together a meal of their own at the play kitchen, while the adults have real tasty coffee and cake in the well-lit seating area, just a few steps away. When the weather is good, there is an outdoor seating area, as well.

Lauserpause’s special something: Lauserpause is available for party rental, but they always leave one room open for play. However, it’s always best to call ahead and make sure there’s room.


Baomi – kid cafes Vienna

Daily: 10am–7pm

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Despite having opened its doors just a few months ago, Baomi is already an old favorite of ours and many other parents seeking a place with good food and a play area for the kids to run riot. The playroom is beautiful, clean, and stocked full of stimulating stuff for the kiddos. And while the kids play their hearts out (and get rid of some of that seemingly infinite supply of energy) the adults can take a sit (in clear view of the playroom) and enjoy some excellent Vietnamese cuisine, or even a beer. This is a hipper spot, as well,  so you’ll proudly be inviting your friends to meet there, with or without kids. If we haven’t convinced you already, check out our complete review of Baomi, here. 

Baomi’s special something: they offer up tasty vegan cakes and also stock soy milk for those who love a vegan latte (or three)!


Baby Cafes Dschungel Wien

Dschungel Cafe – kid cafes Vienna

Dschungel’s children’s theatre has made a name for itself (here’s what we’ve been saying about it) for the great stuff happening for kids on its stage, but we feel the café deserves a round of applause. While the older kids are getting their cultured thing on while taking in a show, in the Dschungel Cafe you can have some grown-up time with a soup, or a burger (nothing like getting messy with a burger while the kids are occupied). For those with babies still attached at the nip (yeah, we went there), the couches and comfy chairs (and, of course, the changing table in the family bathroom) make Dschungel Cafe a great place to meet with other parents desperate for contact with a human being who doesn’t throw food at them, along with the kids, no matter how old they are. While there’s no play area for the kids, you can sit back and relax as your kid won’t be the only one making the whole cafe a playground for themselves. And the staff won’t mind either.

Cafe Dschungel’s special something: Dschungel’s menu notably hosts a variety of options for those days you really want to try something new. In our case, we couldn’t decide, so we tried one of everything.


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