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Gusto Gabsi bestellt…SCHNITZEL!! | Ein Echter Wiener Lieferservice Review

Gusto Gabsi – an unemployed Viennese Chef, and Konditor has set out during these confusing times for gastronomy in Vienna to review all of the food being delivered all over the city by those poor guys and gals on bikes.

In the seventh episode, Gusto Gabsi reviews Vienna’s most famous dish – Schnitzel – from 2 of the best scoring restaurants on food delivery apps – I ❤️Schnitzel and Schnitzel Landmann (not to be confused with the famous Cafe Landtmann). While he fails to find a place delivering a traditional Wiener Schnitzel (made with veal), he does have fun reviewing a chicken and pork schnitzel while getting really pissed off that it’s so hard to get a Wiener Schnitzel delivered in the city of Wien.

Oh, and by the way, this video series is in Viennese German, with English subtitles.


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