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12 of the most random facts about Vienna you probably didn’t know (and probably don’t even need)

You’ve surely experienced an awkward silence at a party (good times!), in a meeting or a video call at least once in your life, right? A silence so uncomfortable, it made you want to jump out the closest window or hide in the closest toilet, even if somebody was in there doing their morning business. Well, we’ve got something that will save you in similar circumstances in the future.

We’ve gathered the most random collection of facts and numbers about Vienna that you can use as an emergency device whenever you see an awkward moment start to descend. Anyway, check out these fun facts of our beloved city, and maybe one of them will actually get you out of an unpleasant situation someday.

1. Vienna grows the most cucumbers (yes, you read that right) in Austria

© Vienna Würstelstand

Tomatoes and different kinds of greens are also amongst the top 5. Makes for a good salad, don’t you think? Just add a little bit of Kernöl and you’re good to go!

2. The most popular first names in Vienna are Sara and Alexander

You surely know at least one Sara, or Alexander (‘cause who doesn’t?). Maybe you also know a Helmut or a Traudi, but this fact has nothing to do with them, so just forget them for now! To all of the Saras and Alexanders out there – soooo many other people in Vienna have your name!


3. About one third of Vienna’s population owns a car 

© Vienna Würstelstand

Yep, about a third of the city’s population know the joyful feeling of driving around the Ring during rush hour, or making their way through all the Einbahnstraßen (translation: one way streets) in the 7th district.

5. In Vienna, people get married in their early thirties

On average, women in Vienna get married when they are thirty and men when they are thirty-two. In both cases, this proves to be 6 years later than when the Viennese were getting married in 1988. Now, if that isn’t a random fact, we don’t know what is!


6. You have to work 18 minutes in Vienna (on average) to be able to buy a Big Mac at Maccy

© Vienna Würstelstand

So, if you work 8 hours a day, you could buy 26 and a half Big Macs. We’re lovin’ it! (are you proud of our math skills mum?)

6. More than 55.000 dogs call Vienna their home

And the one annoying canine that likes to bark his lungs out at midnight lives near our place?!


7. Half of Vienna is covered with green areas 

© Vienna Würstelstand

Hietzing is the greenest district in Vienna, and Josefstadt is the least green. Don’t be sad, people of Josefstadt, your district has plenty of other things going for it!

8. There are almost 300.000 commuters traveling into Vienna every single day

So basically, every sixth person you meet in Vienna lives outside the city.

9. The average Viennese person lives within 35 square metres, together with one other person 

© Vienna Würstelstand

No wonder so many of us have gone a little insane throughout the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021.

10. Two thirds of Vienna’s population live less than 250 metres away from the next green area

For the sake of comparing (meaning, we’re assuming you can’t imagine how far 250 metres are): The Danube Tower is 252 metres high. Glad we could help!

11. Döbling has the highest amount of vine-growing areas in Vienna

© Vienna Würstelstand

*Said while opening Google maps and looking for the next Bim to Döbling*

12. Vienna is home to 22 different kinds of bats

We didn’t even know that 22 different kinds of bats existed, nor that Vienna has bats at all!

All of the facts and figures included in this quiz are based on statistics recorded by the City of Vienna in their annual, Vienna in Figures report.

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