The 11 most beautiful spots in Vienna right now, according to YOU

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The 11 most beautiful spots in Vienna right now, according to YOU

While many would say the city looks like Gatsch during winter, there are plenty of places where to find beauty even when it’s cold outside. And we all could do with some beauty in our lives right about now.

We asked our community on Instagram where beauty could be found in Vienna these days, so we could share it with you. Here are the places they told us where to find it:

1. Michaelerplatz

© Vienna Würstelstand

2. Prater

© Photo by Instagrammer @monday82

3. Schloss Belvedere and the Belvedere gardens

© Photo by Instagrammer @roman.pixs

4. Amongst the trees of the Wienerwald

© Vienna Würstelstand

5. In the old city centre

6. The Danube river

© Photo by Instagrammer @lightreflections_vienna

7. Around the Albertina museum

© Photo by Instagrammer @viennashot

8. The Lobau national park

Photo by Instagrammer @travel.kite

9. The Wiener Eistraum in front of the Rathaus

© Photo by Instagrammer @3point14maker

10. The Schönbrunn Palace gardens

© Photo by Instagrammer @lukaplacko

11. The Burgtheater and the area around it

© Photo by Instagrammer @christian_kremser

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