These 12 photos by this young Turkish photographer will remind you how beautiful the city you live in really is - Vienna Würstelstand

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These 12 photos by this young Turkish photographer will remind you how beautiful the city you live in really is

In this instalment of #passthesenf, we’re showcasing the eye-popping photos of Vienna to be found on the Instagram account, @gezginkafam.

Behind this account is the talented guy, Ali Sinan Erbay – born in Turkey in 1992 where he lived until he was 9, he picked up a camera 4 years ago and started snapping shots with passion. Since he started to post his shots on Instagram about a year ago, he’s grown an audience of almost 10k. Check out Ali’s photos of Vienna that


© Photo by Ali Sinan Erbay


© Photo by Ali Sinan Erbay


Vienna Würstelstand (VWS): Describe how you see Vienna through your eyes on your Instagram feed in one sentence.

Ali (A): My goal is it to convey my perception of Vienna through my photos, and I want to show a new perception of Vienna by using interesting angles instead of taking the typical postcard pictures everybody is bored of.


© Photo by Ali Sinan Erbay


© Photo by Ali Sinan Erbay

VWS: What 3 emotions do you want people to feel when they look at your Instagram feed?

A: I want to convey many emotions, but most importantly – passion, inspiration, and joy.


© Photo by Ali Sinan Erbay


VWS: Give us 3 of your favourite Instagram accounts that you follow?

A: There are many accounts I’d want to recommend, because of their style and feed, for example @rafaelwien , @joaxxxxa and @a_l_x_ender.


© Photo by Ali Sinan Erbay


VWS: What do you imagine the expression on people’s faces to be like when they see one of your photos in their Instagram feeds come up?

A: Of course, I want them to be inspired and excited, but I also want them to see the passion behind my pictures.


© Photo by Ali Sinan Erbay


© Photo by Ali Sinan Erbay


© Photo by Ali Sinan Erbay


VWS: How did you find the photography style that best reflected you for your Instagram feed?

A: In order to find the perfect Instagram feed that works for you, you have to experiment a lot.

From the beginning, I started to take a lot of different kinds of photos, and I still do. I really enjoy photography as a hobby, that’s why I often go into town to just take photos. I love street photography and trying new things. I see that as an experiment and don’t post it on my Instagram, because I want my pictures to work well together on my feed.

So, to answer your question: I found my style that you can see on my Instagram by taking many, many pictures.

© Photo by Ali Sinan Erbay


VWS: Where’s your favourite spot to hang out in Vienna?

A: I think Vienna in general, is a wonderful city. But there are a few places that fascinate me every time. For example, the Naschmarkt, the Karlskirche and the Friedenspagode.

VWS: What do you like taking pictures of in this city and what draws you to that subject matter?

A: I’m mostly roaming around the city centre of Vienna. Most of my pictures happen spontaneously, but I especially like taking pictures of the streets of Vienna, because the outstanding architecture of Vienna inspires me.

I also take pictures of the people of Vienna, as I also want to showcase the life of Vienna. I usually convey little surveys in my Instagram stories, in which my followers choose the pictures of people they like the most. That way, I can interact with my followers and find out what kind of photography they like most.

© Photo by Ali Sinan Erbay


VWS: What gear do you use to make your photography?

A: I’m mostly using the mirrorless Sony Alpha III, but I also have my old Canon 600D, just in case. For editing, I use Lightroom.


© Photo by Ali Sinan Erbay

Check out @gezginkafam Instagram account if you like what you see in this article.

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