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A 7th district cafe that will hypnotise you with its food, or the art on the wall

If you’re like us, you’ll find it hard to concentrate on any conversation, and not spill your coffee while struggling to rip your eyes away from the mural on the wall of the 2 bare-breasted ladies with bird heads that break the otherwise non-descript interior.

But we think that’s the idea – a plain frame to bring out the bold centerpiece of the place. This, alongwith the big window peering out onto the busy Kirchengasse street makes Figar a very pleasant cafe to be in, for work, or for play.

David Figar and his partner in crime (or dine(ing), Ergo Seiler, put this intimate little cafe together themselves, based on their own Geschmack.

The Figar name popped up a couple of years back, and Vienna’s cool kid crowd has embraced it right from the beginning as one of their chosen coffee spots, or place to head for tasty cafe-style fare. Meaning, you’ll spot lots of well-groomed beards, Buddy Holly glasses, denim jackets, and Macs flipped open of a daytime at this narrow cafe.

Out of this beloved flagship location, the Figar brand has fanned out across the city with another similar (but bigger) cafe in the 4rth district, and their Figar Bao bar eateries, serving up the steamed Korean burger-like buns stuffed with flavours of Asia.

The hints of Asian flavour can also be found in the 7th district Figar cafe’s menu, which is a traveler in itself. Jumping from a popular burger option, to a tasty teriyaki chicken and a Asian-inspired Chili Basil Beef dish – which is tender steak, in a marinade with a kick, that goes down a treat.

Their salad game is super solid, and is one the main reasons some hungry visitors end up here. Our favourite, the avocado salad with big grilled prawns propped on top comes in a generous portion, and is a great go-to if you’re trying to keep your diet honest. Their midday menu options served up throughout the week are also an good value option for those close-by when the lunchtime hunger strikes.

It also plays the part of a popular breakfast spot, especially on the weekend, with a breakfast menu that is good enough to get you out of your pyjamas on a Saturday morning. Amongst the breakfast food all-stars on the list, There’s a breakfast burger, a English-breakfast-inspired option called ‘Working Class Hero’ plate (think eggs, sausages, homemade baked beans etc.) and the Florentines and Benedicts make an apearance too (and are both covered in a on-point Hollandaise sauce).

Jumping from breakfast to after dark – their beer list is selected well, and same goes for their wine list. Not to mention a few refreshing homemade lemonades for those off the booze.

Figar’s mixed bag menu means that you can always be sure everybody will find something that tickles their fancy, no matter who you meet there.

And even if that coffee/ dinner partner you meet turns out to be a bore, the tables are so close together that you can listen in on the conversation next to you, and admire the beautiful bird ladies.

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