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19 Things We Love and Hate About Winter in Vienna

Love: When you sit down in an old Bim and the heater is directly under your cold bum.

Hate: When the heating in an old Bim is broken and you almost freeze to death on the way to work.


Love: Warming up with a hot chocolate in a cozy old café.

Hate: Being covered in so many layers that as soon as you step inside the cozy old café you’re dying of heatstroke.


Love: Not stepping outside for a smoke ‘cause you’d freeze your ass off.

Hate: When the cravings get so strong you finally step outside for a smoke and freeze your ass off.


Love: Hibernating in your flat all winter thanks to all the food delivery services.

Hate: Hibernating in your flat all winter, surrounded by takeout containers and your winter flab.


Love: Being able to admire the city’s beauty without the hordes of tourists.

Hate: Realising that on empty streets under a grey sky, ‘historic beauty’ can look really depressing.


Love: Not feeling guilty when staying in bed the whole weekend.

Hate: Realising on Monday morning that 48 hours in bed has made you feel a thousand years old.


Love: Seeing dogs wearing those cute winter outfits.

Hate: No one can see YOUR cute outfits because they are buried under 100 layers of winter clothes.


Love: Being able to justify drinking alcohol at any time of the day because it keeps you warm.

Hate: Keeping warm this way has made you super duper drunk.


© Vienna Würstelstand | Photographer: David Schneider

Love: The delightful, unmistakable scent of a fresh snowfall!

Hate: The much less delightful yet still unmistakable scent of the fresh dog poo in front of you on the sidewalk.


© Vienna Würstelstand | Photographer: David Schneider

Love: Walking through the snowy city while singing ‘Walking In A Winter Wonderland’ in your head.

Hate: Realising that other than the chorus you have no idea what the words are.

Love: Being motivated to go outside to enjoy the snow because who knows how long it will last?

Hate: By the time you get all layered up and go outside that lovely snow has turned into soupy grey Gatsch.


Love: Finally wearing those snow boots you bought last year that have been sitting in your shoe rack, taunting you.

Hate: Only wearing them one time all winter because of global warming.

Love: Being able to wear warm fuzzy socks!

Hate: The warm fuzzy socks making your feet so sweaty just minutes into a walk that now your toes are frozen.


Love: Working from home lets you save all the money you spent on transportation!

Hate: Paying a crazy amount of money for heating because your home/office is in an Altbau.

© Vienna Würstelstand | David Schneider

Love: Making loads of life-boosting New Year’s resolutions.

Hate: Ditching them all by the end of January.


Love: Living in a city full of bars where we can drink our sorrows away any/every night of the week.

Hate: Hungover Viennese people are more grantig than usual.


Love: Leaving all your bulky clothing at the coat check and hitting the dancefloor!

Hate: Drunkenly swaying in the coat check line at the end of the night, trying to remember where you put your ticket.


via Canva

Love: Going ice-skating with a cutie you just met.

Hate: Flailing, wobbling, falling, crying – not sexy.


Love: Finding a great YouTube fitness channel so you can exercise without leaving the house.

Hate: Running to catch the Straßenbahn and watching in frustration as it pulls away, leaving you standing in a puddle of slush, completely out of breath. Of course you didn’t catch it! After all that takeout food and staying in bed, what do you think you are now, an athlete?

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