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An edgy cafe-concept store mutant baby for brunch, or your next pair of sneakers

A cool as a cucumber café has mated with a concept store, and has given birth to a little café/store mutant baby that lives in the bobo bezirk of the 7th district. Sneak In gets serious points for originality in Vienna, and even more points for their curated selection of streetwear (meaning, they know their fashion – especially sneakers). Oh, and then there’s their weekend brunch that inspires cool kids to line up on a Saturday morning.

You have to score yourself a spot in one of their two brunch slots (10am–12pm and 12:30pm–3pm) offered on the weekend, which is a real pain in the ass, but once you do, you and your belly will have access to a vast all-you-can-eat buffet. You’ll have to reserve a coulple of weeks ahead.

And included in that buffet are classics such as beans and soft boiled eggs, as well as a variety of cheeses and dips, many of which are vegan, like the Sneak In version of the Austrian cream cheese spread, Liptauer. Alongside the Hummus and cottage cheese, there are freshly cut exotic fruits, a large assortment of mueslis, including a homemade granola, dried fruit and nuts, as well as a fresh chia pudding, and rice pudding. So let’s just say, there’s plenty to choose from.

Through the week, a chilled vibe resounds, with a good quality coffee being served up along with small bites, like warmed up sandwiches. Sneak In has the neighbourhood coffee shop personality. Attention has been devoted to the café and the fashion side of the place – fifty-fifty.

Meanwhile, the streetwear fashion here has attitude and hails from designers from all over the world. Sneak in is also a sneaker haven representing brands such as Random, DRNTM and BBC. Every bit of clothing housed in the airy, fresh space is handpicked by streetwear aficionado and owner Ali. And he’s got some damn fine taste. From a bold sneaker collection that will have trainer nerds frothing at the mouth, to a range of t-shirts on the racks from the likes of Stussy, it’s obvious that a lot of research is at play here.

The sneaker store came before the cafe. And the cafe also came with the concept of putting art up on the wall, which they also sell.

This place gives you the same feeling of putting on a fresh pair of ironed underwear – the possibilities are endless.

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