This cafe has a personality as alluring and colourful as the Mexican painter it's inspired by - plus, its breakfasts are amazing

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Best Winter Warmer Breakfast Vienna

Cafe Frida: as colourful & alluring as the Mexican painter it’s inspired by

Unimposing on the outside and blending into the line up of cafes and restaurants framing the lively Yppenplatz, Cafe Frida wears the bright and vibrant vibes on the inside you’d imagine when approaching anything inspired by Frida Kahlo.

With the artist’s international cult like and beloved status that reaches far beyond the art crowd and turns up on hipster print tees, the naming of the place is clever – it already makes the place alluring, even before you know what goes on, on the inside.

What’s going on in the inside doesn’t disappoint either, even if you do get sucked in by the name.

Cafe Frida is a colourful cafe serving up original and very tasty breakfast creations in the kind of setting that makes you sigh and go, ‘ain’t life wonderful.’

With Frida pictures and quotes throughout the place, and staff that are always smiling, Cafe Frida emanates a light and warm atmosphere. But this is where the painters relation to the cafe stops. The menu is void of Frida fever, which is no fault.


Besides Frida fever, their original breakfast creations are what attract the crowds

Their coffee game is strong while their all day breakfast (until 5pm) is what most turn up for.

At the top of the menu, you’ll find an organic claim to fame, meaning nothing gets in that kitchen that’s not quality ingredients.

Sweet tooths will be happy with the handful of French toast options and pancakes – all being a quality take on the dishes. There are also breakfast burgers (pita Diego – Frida’s famed fellow artist and lover – and pita Frida) and open sandwiches

We went for the staff recommendations and tried the “French Toasting Pikant” and the veggie version of the dish “Interessiert mich nicht die Bohne” (inspired by the German saying for I don’t care a stitch), which – as you may have guessed – involves a bowl of baked beans with eggs, etc.

Have you ever tried French Toast with bacon, rocket and maple syrup? Well, we hadn’t before Frida told us to.

From now on we will always do, what Frida says.

The sweetness of sirup covers the crispy bacon with a heavenly taste, before it’s the rocket’s that bring some fresh peppiness into the dish.

The veggie-bean option gives you the chance to eat something savory with fresh slices of brown and white bread, before rounding it all up with sweet french toast covered in syrup and yoghurt.

For every meaty and vegetarian dish, there’s also a vegan option.

The price generally fits the portions: There’s something for the small wallet as well as for the big spenders. A less expensive dish are the pancakes, for instance, which doesn’t mean they are less tasty. Not at all.


Original sandwiches, salads and burgers inspired by the Mexican kitchen

Cafe Frida is also a great spot for lunch as their menu has a range of original club sandwich creations, great and filling salad options with touches of the Mexican kitchen thrown in, tacos, nachos and, of course, a few burger options – one Mexican inspired and the other Irish.

In summer, Cafe Frida shows its true potential

Also, as it’s based on the lively square of Yppenplatz, it’s a brilliant place to head to when seeking some outside dining with a vibrant, cosmopolitan vibe. At night, you can soak in the buzz of the lively square iwhile sipping at one of their homemade lemonades, or something from their unique drinks menu.

We were pleasantly surprised by their diverse and international craft beer collection while their wine menu packed with local and Latin American wines also had us drinking more than we should when we returned after nightfall (drinking at breakfast we only do on special occasions…for example, when we cook our eggs just right).



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