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Burger at Cavallo

Cavallo: This new hard-to-define 6th district spot brings a shisha lounge & indulgent casual dining together

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With designer-y furniture and a fresh interior, Cavallo not only possesses some one-of-a-kind vibes, this multi-leveled location has plenty to offer.

Cavallo is not only a restaurant.

Well, besides the delicious food (which we’ll tackle later) Cavallo is also a shisha lounge. It welcomes you with a big-ass “hookah-station” as soon as you enter.

Their menu is multi-layered and original

According to the owner, Eren Talas, everything you see on the menu is made in-house, from the ketchup to the cola. Yes, they produce their own cola! (However that works). 

We manage to get our hands on their tasty beef cheeseburger, accompanied with a side of fries. 

Considering the size of the burger and the potential for mess, the choice of a small cheese board as plating is questionable. But the taste and the juices getting all over our fingers gets us distracted real quick. 

To soak up the burger grease, we get a serve of the ice cream.  It’s silky smooth and indulgent. 

In need of a palate cleanse (sort of) we get their signature lemonade served creatively in an ‘ice bag’ that resembles the kind of bag you transport a fish in (yup, we’re not joking).

From Breakfast to Dinner, Cavallo offers culinary creations suiting most tastes. 

Some quite special dishes make the cut in the menu, such as the Black Burger and the Gold Steak (yes, it’s actually covered in real gold dust).

The first question we have when we see these in the menu is – who’d order such outlandish creations? – and the second being – what the hell does that taste like? 

We’re told you can’t taste the gold on the steak, but you can Instagram the hell out of it.

© Photo featuring Black Burger courtesy of Cavallo

Nonetheless, Cavallo also offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes, different bowls, steaks, burgers and unique beverages, like original coffee creations where you brew it at your table, and indulgent hot chocolate marshmallow treats.

Put it this way – If you’ve seen it as a show-y food trend on Instagram, you’ll probably find it in Cavallo’s menu. 

It’s all about pampering yourself

Cavallo opens up the world of a luxurious experience to everyone who wants to be in on it. It offers a parking valet service on the weekends, you’re welcomed at the door by a hostess, the furniture has a designer attitude, and the interior borrows from luxurious locations. The atmosphere is exclusivity, but it’s actually the opposite –  it’s actually quite inclusive.

This is what Cavallo stands for and what’s interesting about it. 

And its menu compliments this concept – it’s created to indulge you. 

Cavallo offers the chance to immerse yourself in luxury, but in a chilled, relaxed kind of luxury, minus the snobbery. 

It’s got that treat-yo-self atmosphere.

There’s a young, enthusiastic team behind it, and their energy is felt throughout the place. 

It’s difficult to put Cavallo into a box as its a bunch of things, but wrapped into a tightly wrapped concept that hasn’t really been tried in Vienna before (as far as we know). 

One thing that can be said for sure – it’s a very different player in Vienna’s food and drinks scene. 

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