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The parties happening around Vienna for the big club reopening that you NEED to be at this weekend

As we know how much of a big deal this is for you, we’ve listed 11 of the best and craziest parties you need to be at during the weekend of the reopening.


© Secret SOUND Project


When: July 2 – July 30, every Friday
Start: 8pm
Where: Club Babu
Entry: free!
What music will be playing: Techno

The people at Secret SOUND Project have decided to throw a bonkers Techno party every Friday at Club Babu this month.

There will be popular DJs like PETER PAN, ROOTLESS, MARK DALE, and REFLEXDJ spinning their beats.

So, be sure to include this party in your Friday night club hop.


WIEDER DA | Pratersauna

When: July 2 – July 4
Start: 11pm
Entry: 12.30€ – 14.59€
What music will be playing: Electronic

With clubs reopening in Vienna this weekend, it is indeed a fact that the club in the park, the mighty Pratersauna is WIEDER DA!!! Wooooohooooo!! Yes, we’re dancing our little happy dance right now. The sauna will be delivering a stellar classic line-up of DJs with Steve Hope, Danny, Nana, and many more playing on all possible floors.

And guess what – the entire weekend is booked for the comeback. So be sure to get your tickets and put on your party pants.

© Grelle Forelle

Unlocked | Grelle Forelle Reopening

When: July 2 – July 4
Start: 11pm
Where: <>< Grelle Forelle
Entry: free!
What music will be playing: Electronic

Finally, after a year of pandemic lockdowns, the city’s beloved cliub, Grelle Forelle, is reopening its doors this weekend! WOOT! WOOT!! With Aida Arko, Alex Maurer, DLV and many more in the DJ line-up, they’ll be celebrating being ‘unlocked.’

We know you’re as excited as we are that the clubs are finally reopening so be sure to include the Forelle in your club hop this weekend. Oh, and not to forget the best part – The Unlocked party special will be going non-stop for the entire weekend!!!!!


VIEiPEE – The great Comeback Weekend

When: July 2 – July 4
Start: 11pm
Where: VIE i PEE
Entry: free!
What music will be playing: HipHop & All that

VIEiPEE are not only having one little comeback party, but are hosting a weekend-long festival! There will be a comeback special on Friday & Saturday to celebrate the reopening of night clubs around the city. On Friday, it will be a ‘TOTAL CHAOS COMEBACK’ and on Saturday an ‘MMK COMEBACK’. So get ready to dance to some quality Hip Hop tunes, and all that Jazz.

Oh, and be sure to keep the COVID-19 regulations in mind, before you get sent home by one of the bouncers.

© The Loft


When: July 2 & July 9
Start: 10pm
Where: The Loft
Entry: 10€
What music will be playing: Techno & Electronic Music

The Loft has been active with online fun and games throughout the lockdown, but let’s face it – nothing beats the real thing, right?! They’ll be reopening this Friday night with one hell of a party.

The place has got 2 floors and a stellar line-up of DJs will be doing their thing on both of them. Get ready for some quality Techno and Trap.

© The Loft

90ies + 2000s: Summer of Loft

When: July 3 & July 10
Start: 10pm
Where: The Loft
Entry: 10€ (5€ before 11pm)
What music will be playing: 90ies and 2000s music

The Loft is BAAAAAACK!!! and ready to party, and they couldn’t wait even a few days to have the crew from the beloved 90ies party series hit their decks.

Yep, they’ll be throwing it back this Saturday to a time before Corona even existed.

DJs like Mel Merio, David Jerina, J’aime Julien, and Burak Afsar will get you shaking your bum on the dancefloor. Get your best over-sized jeans and crop tops ready!

© Flex

Freedom Rave

When: June 30 – July 3
Start: 10pm
Where: Flex & Flex Café
Entry: 10€ (Club) / free! (Café)
What music will be playing: House, Electronic music

The Flex is opening up as well and they are starting off by serving up their ‘Freedom Rave’ special, featuring different DJ line-ups every day for 4 days straight.

The Flex Café will also make its grand comeback with different DJs! Be sure to check out their website for the line-ups. We sure missed the Flex and are ready to get thrown into its gritty, grimy hole of fun and games.

© Club-U

friday nights /w. Wiener Schlawiner

When: July 2
Start: 6:30pm
Where: Club-U
Entry: tba
What music will be playing: House & Techno

The Club-U is slowly reopening its doors and there will be an afterwork-party happening this Friday. They’ve set up a lovely outside area for pre-drinks, however, we can’t wait to walk out of this place in the early morning and sit by the Donaukanal with the random stranger we’ve just met.

© DasWerk

WERK AufTakt

When: July 2 & July 3
Start: 11:30pm
Where: DasWerk
Entry: 15€
What music will be playing: Electronic music, House, Techno

DasWerk is joining in on the reopening fun and is hosting not one night, but TWO nights full of mega DJ line-ups and quality  vibes.

The only thing needed is a PCR-Test and you’re good to go.

Good to know… capacity of the club has been reduced to 75%, so be sure to get there early before they’re full!

© Volksgarten

Volksgarten Summer of ’21

When: July 1 – July 31
Start: 11pm
Where: Volksgarten
Entry: tba
What music will be playing: Electronic Music, Pop, Hiphop

The popular garden of the Volk – yep, we be talking Volksgarten – will be opening its doors as soon as the restrictions allow it on Thursday night, and they’ve dubbed this the ‘Volksgarten summer of 2021!’ (Sounds ambitious, right?!)

From the 1st until the 31st of July, Volksgarten will be open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and it will be open late until the morning birds start chirping and you see some healthy hipster running through the neughbouring Heldenplatz.

There will be 5 floors to enjoy and it sure is going to get crazy.

© U4 Vienna

Finally back… U4 Vienna – BEHAVE!

When: July 3 – July 31, every Saturday
Start: 10pm
Where: U4
Entry: 12€
What music will be playing: Electronic Music, Pop, Hiphop, anything really

The club that people travel to party in, the U4, is back too! And they are starting off early!!

Besides other themed parties, they have prepared a special comeback party that will be happening again, and again, every single Saturday night throughout July.

Check out their page for all the other fun and games they’ll have happening.


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