Club Social Dis-Dance: A new club is opening for one night only in Vienna for New Year's Eve 2020 - Vienna Würstelstand

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Club Social Dis-Dance: A new club is opening for one night only in Vienna for New Year’s Eve 2020

In an empty Vienna Würstelstand HQ, some of the best DJs of the city will be playing to a crowd of thousands – a crowd of thousands that will be streaming the party into their living rooms.


Your living room will be the club. Party people who want to see 2020 out the door with a BANG! can join the LIVE Youtube stream from 8pm onwards and dance, forget reality for a while, and feel connected with the thousands dancing with them!

The last time Vienna Würstelstand threw such a virtual party like this, over 30 thousand people partied together (check out Isolation Nation if you missed it).

Some of the city’s best DJs and DJ collectives have jumped on board to make this NYE party one hell of a night to remember:
+ Kruzio Terrible (Heimlich)
+ Tanz Franz (Heimlich)
+ Marieu – Mareia b2b leschueft (Heimlich)
+ Sarah Mo b2b Amunik (Heimlich)
+ Fabiano Jose (Merkwürdig)

Visual artists from the collective, Dornwittchen, will be taking care of entertaining you throughout the club night.

We’re also offering you the opportunity to send us messages of love, hope, friendship, or whatever which we’ll be projecting on stage, on the night. Just send your messages to . Also, if your birthday happens to falls on New Year’s Eve, let us know and we’ll dedicate one of the DJ sets to you!

Vienna (and the world) has seen an absolutely crazy year. Let’s feel free for a night, say goodbye to 2020 and look towards the better days of 2021 by dancing in our living rooms together.

The Hard facts:
Where: your living room
When: THU, December 31st, 2020, 8pm–1am
Entry: FREE!

You can put yourself on the door list by clicking on ‘going’ on the Facebook event page. 

A few words about our sponsors:

Topo Chico Hard Seltzer are the crowd helping us make this NYE party happen. If you’re scratching your head wondering what the hell a Hard Seltzer is, don’t worry – you wouldn’t be alone in Austria.

You can think of Hard Seltzer as the new sexy kind of drink with lots of bubbles, and a bit of alcohol.

By the way… a list of social distancing & health protection measures will be strictly practised on the night to keep everybody safe.

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