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Could this be your new favourite breakfast spot? It has a menu page just of avocado dishes!

We know that’s a big call, but the reason we’re saying that is that we know once you’ve tried it, you’ll find it hard to get the words ‘Café Telegraph’ out of your head when thinking breakfast.

Breakfast is actually the main meal of the day here (unless you count cake as a meal, which is totally above board if you do) with over 2 pages dedicated to it in their menu. They even have a whole page full of just avocado-centric breakfast dishes – proof that they’re taking breakfast to new heights in Vienna.

But we know what you’re thinking – quantity does not equal quality. We get it, but trust us, they hit both the Qs on this occasion. Even the ‘Very British’ breakfast is a good take on the traditional English breakfast (you’ll never get it as good as in England, or Australia).

They fo pull off the Shakshuka with flying colours though whiule the omelettes are full of flavour and variety (4 options in total). Also notable is the number of options for vegetarians. Specifically, look to the healthy bowls (think granola and acai). If you’re feeling Mexican, you can go Huevos Rancheros option, otherwise if you’re feeling hangover, or in the mood for a classic, the so-called ‘bennies’ are the way to go. Eggs Benedict, Florentine, or Hemmingway are served up on an English muffin (which isn’t really an English muffin), topped with perfectly poached eggs smothered in a zesty Hollandaise sauce.

Hidden away on a street that is a hop, skip and a jump away from the Votivkirche in the 9thdistrict, the look of the place is even conducive to lazy morning breakfasts that last for hours, or afternoon coffee and cake – the bold-patterened tiles that will make you want to photograph everything with them as a backdrop, the large Schanigarten on the quiet street, the window booth seats, not to mention the quick and friendly service.

If those sweet cravings are hankering and it’s the ‘fu** to be healthy’ kind of mornings, there’s a pancake option called Into the West (small, but earns a small round of applause for the execution), or you can go for the cute, curd-filled Ukranian option (we know, random, right) – the Syrniki. They’re not only cute, they hit the sweet breakfast spot beautifully.

But here’s the thing, breakfast is not the only thing Café Telegraph is known for – it’s at their French pastries that they do their mic drop. We put a full stop to our breakfast with a baby pistachio éclair, and we thank ourselves for doing so. The cheesecake is also earning it a name for itself, while one could say the same about all of the pretty pastries in their cake cabinet.

The coffee is good and comes in a cup made out of recycled used coffee grounds, which we just found f*** cool.

Almost as f*** cool as the fact that they were playing Destiny’s Child in the background while we were there.

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