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We Came, We Ate, We Drank… at the wood-fired restaurant housed in a Venetian palace, Dogenhof

We want you to know that we’re giving you 100% independent sneak peeks at these places with a fiercely honest flavour. Nobody paid us to eat here. On this occasion, we thought we’d check out the café, restaurant and bar Dogenhof.

Check out our no-bullshit text below (about 1.5 minutes reading time required) or watch the video:




What’s the menu made of:

According to the Dogenhof menu, there are more than three dedicated mealtimes a day, and all of them should be cooked over a wood fire. Aside from your traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner, there is an entire section of tasty snacks to have just before dinner as an aperitif.

Vegan and vegetarian options are available, but we’ll be honest with you, you’ll have to be comfortable seeing a lot of meat being served upon a visit to Dogenhof.

As for breakfast, you’ll find simple arrangements like an egg with a cress open-faced sandwich during the week until 12pm, but you can also indulge in the extended breakfast menu on the weekend until 4pm. They offer variety plates, shakshuka and muesli (all available as a vegan option), as well as the very unique sounding Speckbuchteln, a savoury yeast pastry served with bacon, chili, honey and a sunny-side-up.

One of their signature dinner dishes (which we tried and can vouch for) is the wood-fire grilled Majoram rooster, served on a bed of wood-fired carrots. Meanwhile, meat-loving individuals will enjoy their aged beef options and their coarsely chopped beef tartar with anchovy-mayo, mustard seeds and chives.

They’re well stocked In the drinks department and go beyond the typical beer and wine selection to include natural wines, and other drinks from the world of emerging trends.



What did we manage to do while waiting for our food:

We spent our time mesmerised by the open flames you can see in the open show kitchen. We discussed the unique mix of eras in the place’s interior and exterior design, we tried to identify all the people in the various blown-up analogue photographs on the wall, and we were also wondering if their retro-looking jukebox actually still works.



Recommended if you like:

The cafe Supersense (because this place involves the same crowd that created Supersense), when dining out is a unique experience, seeing trained cooks professionally playing with fire, being able to watch your food be cooked right in front of you, eating only locally-sourced produce and meats, being one of the first to try out new trending places, never getting bored while waiting for your food, meat


How would we describe the place to our Oma:

Hey, Oma, you know what this place reminds us of? A mix of your old kitchen with that fire stove you had that we always burned our fingers on as kids, but you always cooked the most delicious roast meats and stews in it every Sunday. Oh, and the interior kind of looks like that church you always dragged us to when we were on holiday in Italy together… but hipsterised (yup, we’ve already taught our Oma the meaning of ‘hipster’).

They even have pickled veggies and a big block of butter standing around, just like you do! The stucco on the wall, mixed with the 1970s design elements, analogue photography, a jukebox, an open fire and the medieval exterior may have you confused about what period you’re in, but that’s what’s hip with the youngins these days, Oma!


The person sitting next to us was wearing:

A kind of business casual – an all black outfit, with a beige cardigan. Nothing too casual, nothing too fancy, just like the vibe of this place.


Dogenhof is perfect for…

bringing anyone who loooves unique restaurants, a special someone’s birthday dinner that you’re planning to surprise them with, meeting your friends if you feel like treating yourself to a nice dinner and drinks, as a place to take visitors from out of town


Good to know…

The Dogenhof refuses to be a traditional restaurant – it wants to be a place that is always evolving and experimenting with food, flavour combinations and experiences – so what we’re saying is – expect the menu to change regularly.

Every single piece of their tableware is delightfully unique and handmade in Vienna.

Dogenhof is attached to the extraordinarily unique cafe and bar, Supersense.


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