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8 facts about Schrebergärten in Vienna

1. The name Schrebergarten originates from the German physician Daniel Moritz Gottlieb Schreber

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Good ol’ Gottlieb Schreber strongly advocated that children should be doing more physical activity in outside green spaces for their health. Teachers applied his teachings, and founded play and sport areas which were named in his honour.

After a while, they added vegetable patches to the play areas so the kids would have a closer connection to nature. And so the first Schrebergärten were created.

2. There are around 36.000 Schrebergärten in Vienna

© Vienna Würstelstand | David Schneider

And it’s still very hard to get your hands on one. They are hot property in this city.

3. The gardens are segmented into clubs called Kleingartenvereine. There are 247 of these all over town

© Vienna Würstelstand | David Schneider

Each of them has a unique name. Our favourites are: Sonnenschein, Jupiter, Blumenfreunde, Neu Brasilien and Neu Florida.

4. The first Kleingartenverein was founded in 1911 in what is the 14th district today

© Vienna Würstelstand | David Schneider

5. All together they take up 14.000.000 square meters in the city

© Vienna Würstelstand | David Schneider

That’s 3.37% of the total area of Vienna.

6. Every district in Vienna has at least one Kleingartenverein, except for the following districts: 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

© Vienna Würstelstand | David Schneider

Imagine having a garden house near Kärntnerstraße or MaHü! That would be quite something!

7. In terms of surface area, the 22nd district has the largest amount of Schrebergärten

© Vienna Würstelstand | David Schneider

Now, you probably wanna know which district has the least, right? Tough luck, you’ll have to find that out for yourself! Just kidding, it’s the 20th.

8. The rent for the estates ranges from 1.50€ to 3.50€ per square meter per year

© Vienna Würstelstand | David Schneider

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