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12 facts about Vienna’s clubs that we bet even the biggest party animal doesn’t know

1. Vienna’s nightlife scene makes an annual revenue of about 1 billion Euros

© Vienna Würstelstand

Yup, that’s quite the sum. That would amount to about 200.000.000 beers or 100.000.000 cocktails – just in case you were wondering.

2. There are 100 club venues in Vienna

We wonder if there’s anyone out there who has already visited them all. If so, kudos!

3. The Prater Dome is Vienna’s biggest club

© Praterdome

With a whopping 3,500 square meters spread over five floors, it’s even the biggest club in the whole country. Imagine losing your friends there. Good luck trying to get back to your group.

4. The club venue with the longest and oldest history is the Volksgarten

image via wikipedia.com

Originally built between 1820 and 1823 as the ‘Cortisches Cafe’ (this is the part you might know now as the Säulenhalle), one can only imagine how many people have already busted a move within the walls of this building throughout all those years. It’s also the place where Johann Strauß first premiered his legendary Donauwalzer. So you could say it was an original club hit.

5. Bouncers are legally allowed to take bribes

© Vienna Würstelstand

While it may be a little morally questionable, it’s actually not illegal for you to cut in line by handing a bouncer a little bribe. You might reap some resentful stares from your fellow clubbers, though.

6. Bouncers are actually not allowed to frisk and search guests

They can’t frisk and search you, however, they can deny you access to the club if you refuse to be searched. That’s where the so-called Hausrecht (the right to decide who is allowed to enter a premise) comes into play.

7. Vienna has its own club commission

It was founded in 2020 as a pilot project and now serves as a network and contact point for all things club culture.

8. By law, clubs in Vienna have to remain closed from 6am to 10am

© Vienna Würstelstand

Maybe that’s why there aren’t that many morning raves to be found happening around the city.

9. Clubs are allowed to play music up to a volume of 110db

Just for your info – this is also the same amount of noise a jackhammer produces. No wonder you always feel a little deaf after a crazy night out.

10. Falco’s favourite club was the U4

© Vienna Würstelstand

After its opening in 1980, he was a regular guest at the venue. He never played a single live concert there, though. Other famous guests that graced the U4 include David Bowie, Nirvana, Prince, Marilyn Manson, Johnny Depp, and David Guetta.

11. The Flex is situated in an unused U-Bahn tunnel

Yep, you’re literally partying on what was once a tunnel where trains would pass through.

12. The Pratersauna was actually once a sauna back in the day

© Vienna Würstelstand | Photographer: David Schneider

And not just that – it also served as a swingers club for a while. It also allegedly used to be a popular meeting spot for the Russian mafia, as well.

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