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God save the queen… and Vienna’s Little Britain!

The Little Britain cafe is a place where proper English lasses and lads living away from home in Vienna will feel at home. It’s also for the rest of us who appreciate a good spot of tea, or the English pompous charm.

Stepping inside, the warm, cheerfully decorated (lots of pink!) café feels like stepping into your nan’s living room. And we mean this in the best possible way. From the large white cabinets (filled with colourful, flowery china), to the comfy sofas, the Little Britain Cafe ticks all the boxes for a chilled out breakfast or lunch location with it’s tearoom ambience.

Which brings us to the food. The counter is loaded with all sorts of pies, cakes, and scones. The menu sports no less than twelve varieties of tea (don’t worry, there’s good coffee, too). Little Britain focuses on breakfast and lunch, serving the former until 2pm. The smell of bacon got to us, and led to our finger pointing directly at the full English breakfast on the menu.

It is what you expect from a full monty English brekkie – royal helpings of crispy bacon, two fried eggs, a few stubby sausages and a serve of sloppy baked beans served with plenty of toast. They also serve a Royal breakfast, which is an oversized English breakfast for two with Prosecco.

We also tried one of their bagels, which came toasted with a healthy filling of cream cheese, veggies, and salami. An excellent choice for your early Sunday morning day dream and divulgence.

The tea comes served in porcelain that when drank from, inspires the uncontrollable urge to speak in your best British accent, with a plum in your mouth. You might even start randomly giving the other customers the queen’s wave as a result of your excitement.

Service is both quick and pleasant. There is plenty of that English friendliness, smiles everywhere, and you feel genuinely welcome. The mix of tourists from the nearby Hilton hotel, and lots of regular locals, makes for a friendly, familiar vibe. In fact, when you close your eyes, the smell of freshly baked scones, tea and bacon will give you the closest thing to being in Britain in Vienna.

Everything is to go as well if you’re not fortunate enough to find a seat. Otherwise, reserve a table on the weekend.

The cakes and pastries are plentiful and the scones are the real deal so you’ll find all you need here to indulge in some serious Tea’O’Clock time. We tell you, at Cafe Little Britain, you’ll feel like the queen herself! Ok, perhaps not the queen, but maybe like Prince Harry… after a night out.

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