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Brutally honest slogans for famous Austrian brands that will make you LOL

We presented our audience with a bunch of logos from such big Austrian brands and asked them: If these Austrian brands were brutally honest, what slogan would they have?

Here’s the hilarious slogans they came up with that will no doubt make you laugh out loud:

1. First off, here’s to that beloved hazelnut wafer: Manner

2. That famous energy drink that claims to give you wings: Red Bull

3. The Austrian brand that makes all kinds of stuff out of sparkling crystal: Swarovski

4. Pretty much the only train service in Austria: ÖBB

5. That pretty in pink Viennese pastry and cake store slash cafe: Aida

6. That supermarket where everyone gets performance anxiety when at the cashier: Hofer

7. The only channel on TV where you can still watch a full movie without ads in between: ORF

8. The other supermarket chain that’s not Billa: Spar

9. That furniture store that has nothing in common with porn, except the three letters in its name: XXXLutz

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