Your Ultimate Guide to the inspiring and smile-worthy Vienna-based people you should be following in 2021

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Your Ultimate Guide to the inspiring and smile-worthy Vienna-based people you should be following in 2021


Inspiration factor: to burst bubbles, to get educated, to find out what it’s like to live in Vienna and be part of the BIPOC-community here, to understand how it is to endure everyday racism and learn how to help end this



Inspiration factor: to ask questions, to tell stories, to not be quiet about things that matter, to think about future generations, to give a voice to those who don’t have it (yet)



Inspiration factor: to find patterns in architecture, to be inspired by minimalistic and vibrant photographs in your feed



Inspiration factor:  stunning photography that speaks for itself, the bubbly and loveable guy behind the camera who pops up on the feed now and again, images that make you screw up your face and go…’huh’

© Mahir Jamal Instagram



Inspiration factor: to step outside your comfort zone, to listen to someone who does not mince her words, to get really good input on certain topics that are otherwise often neglected or only dealt with from the one side


Inspiration factor: to fill the world with colour and funky looking art, to create on a daily basis

© Instagram



Inspiration factor: to do things differently and think outside the box, to see the human body differently, to take up sketching

© @martin.tardy Instagram


Inspiration factor: more a quirky-factor than an inspirational factor, but he will make you laugh

© @alexxschauer Instagram



Inspiration factor: to find a safe space where different people with different body shapes and forms are welcome, to live a healthy life, to get moving



Inspiration factor: to have a laugh at one funny dude, to live life with no inhibitions

© Vienna Würstelstand


Inspiration factor: to see the world, and our city, from a different perspective, to go the extra mile to create amazing results (the results being the photography), to always look for a different perspective

© @naikon_ Instagram



Inspiration factor: photography that will make your eyes make your mouth smirk, to be reminded of the beauty of humans in all shapes and sizes, images you’ll see yourself in or at least relate to, inspiration to find your own style

© anna_breit Instagram



Inspiration factor: to be real, to talk about those real things that most people get all awkward about, to think deeply, to be emotional, to have bad days without the guilt and to love and cry fiercely

© Jaqueline Scheiber


Inspiration factor: to understand the power of light, to be reminded of how beautiful we humans are



Inspiration factor: be yourself and do so unashamedly, will give you severe case of the giggles and will make you love him instantly, sarcasm is an art worth practising

© @michibuchinger Instagram



Inspiration factor: to not take yourself too seriously, to learn how to appreciate the small things in life, to talk about mental health openly and not be ashamed of it




Inspiration factor: to you do you and be yourself, to let go and have a damn good time, inspiration for a big, from the belly, laugh

© @stefanjoham Instagram


Inspiration factor: to learn something new and broaden your horizons, to shift attention to things that matter right now, to brighten up your day thanks to some genuine Wiener Schmäh, to get your daily dose of astrology



Inspiration factor: how to make your surroundings bold and beautiful, to dress everyday as if you’ve got a photo shoot lined up, to get a cute lil’ dog, to find beauty in everything and to take quirky pics of it

© Vienna Würstelstand


Inspiration factor: sooooo much beauty can be found in the details, explore Vienna with a camera

© @thanksforframing Instagram



Inspiration factor: to laugh out loud – no matter where you are, to fall in love – in some very-wrong-strange way – with the quirks of life in Austria

© @thuglifeaustria Instagram


Inspiration factor: to push yourself, and your body, further, to take good care of your body, to work out and have plenty of fun while doing it

© @fitbritvienna Instagram


Inspiration factor: to find your love for nature, to become an optimist caring for the environment, to be more conscious of the waste we’re filling the world with, to be mindful

© Vivien Belschner | @vanillaholica


Inspiration factor: to look up, to find new perspectives, to carry your camera with you wherever you go

© @1st.perspective Instagram



Inspiration factor: to laugh…all the time, to love life, to explore Vienna like an obsessed stalker, to treat life like the game it is, to have a different perspective, to live with cheek, irony, and sarcasm

© Vienna Würstelstand



Inspiration factor: to make content out of everything, to tell stories every damn day of your life, to make meaningful content that people actually want to spend time with, to see more of what the team behind Vienna Würstelstand is doing

© Vienna Würstelstand

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