Karma Food: you'll leave feeling better than when you arrived at this eatery serving good vibes & pop art food

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Karma Food: you’ll leave feeling better than when you arrived at this eatery serving good vibes & pop art food

If you don’t have the time to read the review, WATCH this short and sweet video below!

It’s all about the Karma – open arms, warmth and a calm that has you floating like a balloon

Karma Food’s 2nd district location is encapsulated in a big bubble of calm…plus, it’s got a nice little garden out front that is covered in greenery. It’s a calm oasis where you’ll feel the need to whisper as to not to disturb the hyper-chilled atmosphere.

Wrapped in wood, plants hanging all over the place, the occasional pillow here and there – Karma food’s interior has got the look that matches the spread-the-love for food and people vibe the place is going for.

The colourful food is like pop art on a plate

It’s all made from scratch and as much attention has been paid to how it looks as to how it tastes.

As to be expected, they tick all the boxes in the food department that us young, modern diners demand – ingredients are locally-sourced, it’s organic, healthy, and freshly prepared. No day old Leberkäse here.

The interior may be minimalist, but the food is maximalist to look at. It’s all styled in a way that makes it look like it’s been painted with highlighter pens of orange, red, pinks etc.

Hit Karma food to give your immune system and energy levels a boost

Their juices (which they mix up from seasonal fruits and veggies) and their immune–boosting shot will give you a swift kick up the butt (not literally, but you get it…).

The breakfast menu is most of the time exclusively veggie and vegan, while meat does make an appearance now and again.

They also cater to the gluten-free crowd with alternatives like their Golden Quinoa Passionfruit Bowl.

As you may have guessed by the name, some of the menu is Indian-inspired

Their Indian Breakfast Thali is a spread of a variety of mini dishes, all being original creations, or twists, on Indian veggie dishes – spicy Masala scrambled eggs, homemade Achar, Chana Masala veggies, cardamom rice pudding, a wholegrain roti and homemade chai. It’s kinda’ the perfect go-to for people who can’t decide whether they’re in the mood for sweet, (mildly) spicy, salty, our sour – it’s got it all.

Adi, who’s actually from India, is the guy manning the kitchen, and when he talks about his dishes, his eyes literally light up as brightly as the food he’s serving (ok, maybe not as bright, but this makes for a nice comparison, right?).

You won’t trust your own tastebuds anymore after you’ve tried the vegan salmon!

We try the ‘Holy smoke! Carrot Lox Sandwich’ upon recommendation.
It’s a huge slice of Öfferl bakery bread, stacked high with loads and loads of stuff on top (you almost can’t see the bread!).

Layers of horseradish, pickled onions, herbs, dill, lime, capers, and – the main attraction – their veganised salmon – make for an unexpected flavour combo.’

Say whaaat, now?! Yes, we’ll back it up a bit – vegan salmon!
For all the vegans out there who were bummed that they’ll never eat smoked salmon ever again, don’t you even worry.

At Karma Food, they’ve turned carrots into fish!

Thinly sliced (pardon our lack of kitchen term know-how to describe the right technique that’s used) carrots are marinated in some special kinda’ way so they take on a smokey taste. May not taste exactly like the real deal, but it sure does look like it and it’s got one hell of a taste to it.

For the sweet tooths out there, try their vegan banana bread – it’s sweet, gooey and simply yummy.

It’s all about good vibes and connecting people with good food

Everything about this place revolves around the idea of Karma, mindful eating, connecting people to real food and sending out good vibes into the world. This is quite the mission. But, after spending sometime at their 2nd district location, we’d say they’re doing a pretty good job of this.

We’re on board for the Karma Food revolution happening around Vienna to the fast food eatery scene.

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