Your Ultimate Guide to Vienna stores & restaurants offering delivery services that you can support during the shutdown

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Your Ultimate Guide to Vienna stores & restaurants offering delivery services that you can support during the shutdown

So, the next time you’re about to order something on Amazon, think of the list of businesses below that could really use your business right now. We’ve found a range of Vienna shops & restaurants that are offering delivery services during these bizarre times:


Local book shops doing delivery

For all of you who’ve said they’ll DEFINITELY start reading more during this lock down, here are a number of local bookshop you can order your 10th, 20th, 30th book from 😉

+ Kunterbuch – delivering books for children

+ Südwind – delivering books on a wide range of topics for those who are socially-conscious and Internationally-minded

+ ChickLit – delivering books about feminism and female queerness (and more)

+ Kremayr & Scheriau – delivering mostly non-fiction books

+ Buch Schaden – delivering antiquarian books

+ Oechsli Buch und Papier – order books online via e–mail, or over the phone

+ Wiener Bücherschmaus – delivering all sorts of new books and second-hand books

+ Leporello – delivering all sorts of books

+ Leobuch – delivering all sorts of books

+ Hartliebs Bücher – delivering all sorts of books, minus the shipping costs

+ Buchkontor – delivering all sorts of books, minus the shipping cost

+ Meine Buchhandlung Wien – delivering all sorts of books

+ Buchhandlung Laaber – delivering all sorts of books

+ Irenaus Kraus – selling vintage wall charts & posters (just send them a email to order)

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DIY essentials from local craft stores

It’s the perfect time to get creative and crafty, right?! But, what’s that? You don’t have all the material you need at home with you? Well, never fear – a bunch of local craft stores are here! Check them out:

+ Komolka – delivering fabrics

+ Reginas Nähzubehör – delivering various essentials for needlework

+ – delivering organic fabrics

+ Creatopia – order various craft essentials via phone call

+ Perlensucht – delivering various essential for DIY jewellery

+ Lieblingsstücke – delivering various sewing essentials

+ Laniato – delivering wool and needles

+ Kosmetikmacherei – delivering essentials for DIY cosmetics and DIY cleaning products

+ Von Frey – delivering kits for bookbinding

+ Zauberladen – delivering various craft essentials

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Other local stores that are delivering to support

+ Something Vintage – A vintage store based in the 3rd district selling a tastefully curated collection of vintage wares

+ Uppers & Downers one of the best vintage fashion stores in the city

Stay pretty and pamper yourself during quarantine with these cosmetics stores

Vienna has a number of local businesses offering delivery of high-quality cosmetics. Check out a few of them, below:

+ Alles Seife – delivering artisanal soaps

+ Haut Sinn – delivering artisanal and sustainable toiletries

+ Clemenza Cosmetics – delivering vegan and organic cosmetics in sustainable packaging (check out their Instagram for a discount code)

+ Seifenkult – delivering sustainably-produced soaps

+ Lederhaas Cosmetics – delivering fair trade and cruelty-free cosmetic products

+ Kussmund – delivering organic beauty products, without any shipping costs

+ Truly great – delivering products for babies

+ Parfumerie Mona– a small family-run shop selling and delivering cosmetics for your face and body

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Local coffee places offering delivery

Just because all cafés are closed until further notice doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your fix of specialty coffee! We hear you! We couldn’t live a month without specialty coffee either. Instead of settling for less, and buying some random pack of coffee at the supermarket, you can order from one of those coffee lovers havens:

Jonas Reindl – delivering specialty coffee

+ Kaffemik – delivering specialty coffee

+ Gota – delivering specialty coffee with a fully stamped loyalty pass in every order

+ Nomi Coffee – delivering specialty coffee

+ Vittore – 3 architects who followed their passion for coffee and opened this online store – they’re delivering top quality Italian beans

We’ll be publishing a list of more places delivering specialty coffee in the coming days!

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Local wine, beer and spirits producers that deliver

Just because there are no parties happening, and all the bars and restaurants are closed, doesn’t mean you have to give up drinking your quality local rocket-fuel juice. The following are a few of the local alcohol-producing companies that are delivering their goods:

+ Brew Age – delivering craft beer

+ Orangello – delivering organic orange liquor

+ Kalê – delivering herbal liquor

+ Ingwerer – delivering ginger liquor

+ The Sign Lounge – delivering cocktails

+ Grande Réserve – delivering champagne and sparkling wine

+ Aux Bulles – delivering champagne

+ Trinkreif – delivering wine

Parfümerie – delivering drinks and cocktails

+ Fleisch Gourmet Kröppel – your local butcher

+ Der Belgier Brewing –A Belgium-born beer brewer (now that’s a lot of Bs), is brewing and doing free home delivery with the local brewers 100blumen)

+ 100blumen – This magnificent local micro-brewery is delivering beer to people’s homes, for free! The delivery, not he beer, we mean 😉

+ Pub Klemo – their variety of wines is vast and they’re delivering.

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Get your groceries from these Vienna businesses

Supermarkets might still be open, however, by ordering your groceries from the following stores, you won’t only be supporting local businesses, but with most of them, you’ll be supporting local farmers and producers! (most of them source their goods regionally) Plus, you can really proudly own the hashtag – #staythefuckhome as you won’t be even going out for a shop.

+ Bioradl – organic goods, delivered by bike

+ Markta – fruit and veg’ sourced from local farmers

+ Paradeisa – delivering seasonal products from local farmers

+ bunt & g’sund – delivering fresh veggies and fruits

+ ConFusion – delivering ingredients for Asian cuisine

+ Goha’s – delivering regional and halal meat

+ Gragger & Chorherr – delivering artisanal bread and other baked goods

+ Greek Oil Company –  delivering high-quality olive oil

+ Obsthaus – delivering boxes of fruits and/or veggies

+ Lunzers Maß-Greißlerei – the packaging-free delivering all your essentials, including organic flower, grains, and organic fruit and veg’

+ Mikes Farm – regionally sourced fruit and veg’

+ Biobär – all kinds of organic products, from honey to jams and washing powder

+ Reformhaus Wallner – delivering various health shop products

+ ADAMAH Biohof – delivering various grocery box combos’ filled with organic groceries

+ Landtmann cake & pastries delivery –the famous coffeeshop is delivering its magnificent cakes and pastries all over the city

+ Marktlieferung – delivering produce and other artisan products from the vendors of Vienna’s markets (brilliant idea!)

+ Alpengummi –a very cool startup brand that’s created a completely organic chewing gum with ingredients sourced in Austria

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Take away meals from local restaurants & eateries

After the government announced that all bars, restaurants and cafes should close, most restaurants pivoted and are now focusing on their delivery service. And ordering food from your favourite restaurant is a great way to support the local businesses who are really doing it tough during these times. 

Obviously, the two main food delivery apps, Mjam and Lieferando are the main places people are ordering from many of the city’s restaurants, however, there are a few that are taking care of the delivery part themselves. And ordering directly from them means they get the earn the entirety of what you pay for your meal.

Check out a few of them, below: 

+ Beaver Brewing Company –the beloved craft beer bar and burger eatery is delivering!

+ Juchu – delivering salads

+ Cutz –This company is awesome! It delivers cookie dough to your door so you can make delicious cookies!! Num, num!

+ Deli Bluem – delivering vegan/organic dishes for stockpiling

+ 12er Blech – delivering pieces of cakes

+ Iss Mich – delivering soups and stews in reusable glass containers

+ Basenbox –  delivering products to treat your overacidified stomach

+ Donau Garten – get a soup subscription

+ Kasnudln – delivering Kasnudln (who would have guessed!)

+ Omas Backstube – delivering cakes, suitable for vegans and allergy sufferers

+ RITA bringt’s – delivering various veggy and organic dishes

+ Simply Raw Bakery – delivering organic, vegan, raw and gluten free cakes

+ Hase und Igel Feinkost – delivering organic lunch menus

+ Pinsatore– delivering Pinseria (they’re kind of like pizzas)

+ My secret garden – vegan and gluten-free food

+ Veganista – vegan ice cream!

+ Hungry Guy – delivering their awesome pita sandwiches, falafel and other Israeli street food

+ Tewa am Naschmarkt– delivering all kinds of wraps and cafe kind of dishes

+ Florentine – delivering their creative kind of Israeli food

+ Nam Nam der Inder – delivering awesome Indian food

+ Little India – delivering tasty Indian food

+ Knödelmanufaktur – delivering ready-made Knödel!

+ Schelato – artisanal ice cream/ gelato!

+ Guckmuck – snails aka. escargot!

+ Wiki Wiki Poke – delivering poke bowls

+ Aloha Poke Bowl – delivering poke bowls

+ Pizzaquartier – delivering, yep, you guessed it, pizza!

+ That’s Amore – delivering, yep, you guessed it, pizza!

+ Disco Volante – delivering, yep, you guessed it, pizza!

+ Via Toledo –delivering, yep, you guessed it, pizza!

+ Omnom Burger – delivering bodacious burgers!

+ Burger’s Bar – delivering burgers, burritos and other tex-max street food all over town

+ Weinschenke – delivering their tasty burgers!

+ Craftmuehle – delivering burgers and craft beer!

+ Schön Scharf – all kinds of spicy Asian dishes

+ Ivy’s Pho House– delivering Pho and a few other Vietnamese dishes!

+ Mamamon Thai Eatery – delivering some of the best Thai in the city

+ modern korea – delivering tasty Korean cuisine

+ habibi & hawara delivering fantastic oriental cuisine

+ JoJo’s Cakes & Bakes – delivering cakes

+ Puerta del Sol tapas restaurant – this fantastic tapas bar is doing takeaway order via phone and email

+ hiddenkitchen PARK – from 11am until 3pm, they’re delivering their tasty and healthy lunches with Lieferando!

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