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We Came, We Ate, We Drank… at the belly of the whale cocktail bar and brunch spot, Moby Dick

We want you to know that we’re giving you 100% independent sneak peeks at these places with a fiercely honest flavour. Nobody paid us to eat here. On this occasion, we thought we’d check out the cocktail bar and eatery Moby Dick.

Check out our no-bullshit text below (about 1.5 minutes reading time required):


Moby Dick

What’s the menu made of:

Look, we all know we’ve eaten our fair share of avocado toast and poached eggs at all those hip brunch places, and while we do appreciate these breakfast dishes being a favourite of seemingly everyone (us included), it really is time for something new to hit our palates – Moby Dick has got potential in this department.

In the evening, it’s about the drinks, while during the day – their brunch menu includes the vegan, ‘Good Morning Tel Aviv,’ which consists of homemade hummus, eggplant spread, oven-baked bell pepper, braised tomatoes, olives, pomegranate and one, or two slices of Joseph Brot, and it might be the most colourful brunch dish we’ve ever stuffed our faces with.

Another dish that sounds very intriguingly original (not just because of the name, of course) is the ‘Scharfe Latte’, a slice of grilled sourdough bread with dolce latte cheese, pickled peaches and hazelnuts. Yes, pickled peaches. They’ve also got some sweet breakfast options, like the ‘Schoko Strizzi’ – that’s french toast with a smear of hazelnut spread, topped with berries.

As Moby Dick is a cocktail bar, to mention a few words on their cocktail menu – while you can order the classics, you won’t find them on the menu. Menu is short and sweet (which is a nice change to other cocktail bars). Their creations include Mules, Bellini’s and High Balls, while their signatures include the likes of ‘Trüffelschwein’ – Truffel-infused Martini Riserva Bitter with grapefruit, salt and ‘luft.




What did we manage to do while waiting for our drinks/ food:

We spent our time admiring the blue tiles on the bar’s facade that look like fish scales, while also looking at the many other eye candy design elements, sniffing on the herbs, flowers and greenery along the bar – that’s actually there to go in your drinks – and reading all the naughty things written on their employee-of-the-month pic that’s hung on the wall.




Recommended if you like:

Drinking in a bar with swagger and swank, being served a cocktail made by a barkeeper that has a wild imagination and knows how to make a mean cocktail, drinking in a bar where you feel like you’re entering the underwater world of a fancy pirate ship, not being moody in a moody atmosphere, tattooed seamen gawking at you from inside their picture fames, wearing your fancy pants or dresses out for drinks, slurping cocktails that make you go – ‘what the hell is in that?’, believing that mermaids are real




How would we describe the place to our Oma:

Hey, Oma, you know what this place reminds us of? Have you ever seen a movie where there’s pirates involved and they hang out in the galley of the ship getting smashed on rum all day? As in, it kind of feels like a drinking cave. It totally feels like that, but also like the pirates have got some taste when it comes to interior design and have made their ship look all glam.

There’s lots of pics of tattooed people with words written on them that, if we were to use them, you’d tell us to go wash our mouths out with soap. It’s got style, Oma, real style this place.


The person sitting next to us was wearing:

We’ll be honest, when we were here for brunch, the place was empty. Meanwhile, when we revisited incognito at night time, everybody was dressed damn sexy – that’s all we’re going to say about that.


Moby Dick is perfect for…

A date with someone you’d like to snog in a dark corner, trying out new and unique cocktails and such, brunch with your besties, when you really feel like getting done up (even though you really don’t need to anyways) and hitting the town in a way that makes you feel like you’re living in a big city


Good to know…

Moby Dick is Vienna’s (self-proclaimed) most sustainable bar – from up-cycling a bunch of stuff, to practising low waste, and having low electricity and water consumption, they’ve thought of everything they can do to protect our mumma, ya’ know, earth. Every product they buy is organic, fair trade and regional.

Also, they have some homemade stuff like bitters and infusions they regularly put in their cocktails, so your tastebuds gotta’ be up for a ride!


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