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10 of the most peaceful spots in Vienna you should visit over the holiday period to take a deep breath

1. The city centre’s courtyards

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Maintaining a certain level of quiet seems to be an unspoken rule in nearly every apartment complex’s courtyard in the city centre. This makes finding a moment of tranquility in the many courtyards a pleasant experience. And if you’re spotted by territorial residents eager to drive you out of their courtyard, you can hit them (with a white lie of course) telling them that you ‘live in the area.’ Combine this with a walk in the first district and you’ve got yourself a very peaceful couple of hours.

2. The temple at Gallitzinberg

What screams peace and quiet? Well, nothing more than a remote temple in the woods of Ottakring.

You can make your way up to the formerly known ‘Predigtstuhl’ (=pulpit) to either pray for 2020 to be over quickly, or hope for a better New Year. Or simply go up there to hide from all of your problems that not even the New Year could solve. We guarantee one thing you’ll find up there is peace (we mean the quiet kind, not the zen-like peace a Buddhist monk gets after years of meditation. For this, you’re going to have to put in a bit more work).

3. Walk along the far-out side of the Danube

© Vienna Würstelstand

How far along the Danube have your bike rides and jogging routes taken you? One can only go so far until: a. You get tired and decide to head back, or b. The fear of not seeing anybody freaks you out and inspires you to turn around. But, how about if there was an option c. ?

Ride, walk or run the extra kilometres, no matter in which direction – just follow the river – and this’ll lead you to the river’s less populated spots like the large Spanish staircase, and the hidden amphitheatre just around the river’s bend. We’re not going to tell you where this is as we want to inspire you to get out there and find them yourself…or you can Google them. Up to you.

4. Solitude in an empty amusement park

© Vienna Würstelstand/ Michael Goldrei

As depressing as visiting an amusement park in winter during a global pandemic might sound, the eerie emptiness that can be found at the Böhmischer Prater is strangely calming. Especially if you combine it with a walk in the neighbouring green space of Laaer Berg. This might be just the right kind of city adventure you need during these quiet times in the city.

The Bohemian Prater is located in the 10th district and we’ve got awesome pictures to inspire you to get out there on this little solo excursion!

5. The royal gardens around the Belvedere Palace and Schönbrunn

© Vienna Würstelstand

The gardens surrounding the 18th century palace of Belevedere is a serene way to spend an afternoon, especially with not tourists around at the moment. You can soak in the view when you’re standing in front of the castle facing the city centre, and wander the labyrinth when you reach the bottom.

Meanwhile, Schönbrunn palace gardens offers up a similar peaceful experience, and on quite a larger scale. You can wander amidst the tall trees of the forest behind the zoo and wander through the stylised and manicured gardens while letting all those thoughts run through your head as if it’s the Tour de France playing out in your head. But be sure to let those thoughts on bikes ride on out of your head along your stroll.

6. The lakeside by Seestadt

Aspern itself has always been a rarely visited side of the city for those that don’t live there, but the lake located there offers a peaceful spot to ponder. Especially during these colder months, you won’t spot too many groups of people taking advantage of the city’s ‘seaside’ (wink, wink). Even wandering around the new modern buildings of this part of the city can make for an interesting stroll.

7. Go for a nature walk in Vienna’s woods

© Vienna Würstelstand

Don’t let the cold temperatures stop you from a one-on-one walking trail with yourself in the abundance of nature that surrounds Vienna.

As daunting as climbing and hiking may seem during this period, the view you get from the top of the hill makes all your problems seem much smaller than they really are. Ok, you’ve definitely heard that line before. But as recycled as this statement is, it doesn’t make it any less true.

To experience what we’re talking about, check out our winter nature walk guide!

8. Find the Peace Pagoda along the walking trail near Vienna’s harbour

© Vienna Würstelstand

Yes, Vienna has a harbour and yes it has a little Buddhist pagoda. As the name gives away, the Japanese-inspired Peace Pagoda is a place built as a place of peace. Which may be exactly what you need to break in the New Year. It’s also located off of a little known walking trail that hugs the river.

10. Vienna’s Zentralfriedhof

© Vienna Würstelstand

For some peace and clarity at the end of this year, a walk in the Zentralfriedhof (translation: the big ass central cemetery) might be able to help you out.

There you can find the answers to all of your questions, laying 6 feet under – death. Uhhm..wait, let’s try that again. To make things seem less grim, visiting Vienna’s largest graveyard may give you a new and brighter perspective on life. Yup, we definitely nailed it this time!

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