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16 reasons to love AND hate snowy winter days in Vienna

Love: It looks so pretty!

Hate: Until it turns into a slushy mess like this…


Love: you can hide and disguise your winter belly under the layers of clothing you wear

Hate: you have to wear a hundred layers to keep warm…or one of these puffy jackets.


Love: sometimes, people will leave some snow street graffiti that will make you smile

Hate: you have to uncover your car from piles of snow every morning


Love: you can let out all your dark and deep frustrations with life by blaming the weather for everything…including climate change (the irony!).

Hate: everybody’s complaining about how cold it is.


Love: snow is super pretty and Vienna looks gorgeous in snow

Hate: this super pretty snow often means the running of the trains, trams and U-Bahn is thrown into chaos


Love: you can convince yourself that the snow is a valid excuse to stay an extra hour in bed in the morning and use the excuse – the snow had my tram running late – when you turn up late to Uni, or work.

Hate: we’ve got nothing here – this can only be a good thing.

Picture by @spoti

Love: that the ‘Dachlawine’ sticks that warn you of falling snow from the buildings (so considerate StadtWien!)

Hate: that sometimes the ‘Dachlawine’ just aren’t long enough and you get a pile of snow landing on your head anyway

Love: what this guy said…

Translation: The only good thing about snow in Vienna is that there aren’t those crazy e-scooter drivers zipping around the place

Hate: that this means the U-Bahn is packed with people in puffy jackets and with bad atittudes


Love: as a diehard biker, you’ve got the bike paths to yourself

Hate: riding your bike means you have to dress like this…


Love: how people turn snow into art around the city

Hate: that the snow art only lasts a day before it all melts away…just like that one-night stand you had on Saturday night 🙁


Love: how your Instagram feed fills up with pictures of Schonbrünn and the Karlskirche covered in snow

Hate: that the Vienna snow pics in your Instagram feed make you jealous that a.) you’re stuck at work and not out there enjoying and taking selfies with snowmen, and b.) you couldn’t take such beautiful, idyllic snow pictures even if you could be out ther enjoying the snow


Love: the crunching sound of snow under your feet when walking through the snow-covered streets

Hate: that you keep slipping and falling on the ice…IN PUBLIC



Love: the therapeutic and comforting sound of the 48ers shovelling snow early in the morning

Hate: that sometimes the 48ers snow mobile splashes snow slush on you when driving past


Love: some of the outfits that people dress their dogs in

Hate: you can’t help but wonder how cold their little paws are and then drift off into thoughts about how cold the wider world is on all of our little paws… (wait, or this just us)



Love: the inspiring and hardcore people going for a run in the snow…at night

Hate: how when these inspiring runners pass you on your way home where you intend to order in your dinner on Ubereats and watch Marie Kondo on Netflix.


Love: how families are out having fun in the snow, with parents pulling their kids around on sleighs.

Hate: that nobody will pull you around on a sleigh.


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