Ribelli: The new Sicilian-inspired restaurant rebelling against the cliche Italian restaurant

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Ribelli: The new Sicilian-inspired restaurant rebelling against the cliche Italian restaurant

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It’s hard to get excited about another Italian restaurant turning up in town when it seems they’ve already pretty much taken over the city. But after a visit to the new restaurant with a concept out of Sicilian, Ribelli, we’d assure you – it’s something different worth checking out.

Its interior, concept and vibe is starkly different to your typical Italian restaurant. Yep, no red and white table clothes here. Instead, at Ribelli they have a street art scrawled wall and knitted sausages. The only thing recognisably truly Italian here is the kitchen.

Neapolitan pizza with toppings that will inspire the same kind of indecisive anxiety when naming your first born child aka. it all sounds damn tasty.

Yes, it shovels out beautifully doughy-crusted Neapolitan pizzas that are all the craze in Vienna at the moment. What makes its pizzas worth visiting for are the toppings that make them original.

You’ve got ye’ ol’ favourites in there like the Regina Margherita and Prosciutto Crudo, but beyond those, you can find a ‘Tartufo’ pizza that’s a gourmet experience for your tastebuds, and the NDUJA pizza introduces the spicy, spreadable pork salumi on an original option.

It’s all in the ingredients.

Like all those who know the secret to good Italian, Ribelli’s cooking crowd and the ingredients need to be worshipped and respected like the Godfather (sorry, we had to slip one kitschy Italian pop reference in there).

Most of the ingredients are carted up from Sicily, which just so happens to be where the masterminds behind Ribelli’s concept are from.

Look to the pasta in the menu to find more of the Sicilian’s influence. Meanwhile, the simplicity of the menu means decisions on what you’re going to go for easy.

Forget Italian wine! Long live Italian craft beer!

There’s a craft beer list with all kinds of beers hailing from exclusively Italian microbreweries, which we found to be a unique touch. We tried every one of them for you, and can confidently declare – Italians know their way around craft beer.

To summarise our findings after stuffing whole pizza slices into our mouths, then moving onto serves of lasagnas, and shooting back several Italian craft beers: Ribelli may not appear to be doing anything different on the surface, but once your at the table taking in the on point interior and treating your tastebuds to some seriously tasty Italian food, you’ll get the idea.

Ribelli aims to rebel in a small way against the cliche Italian restaurant.

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