Superfood Deli: recharge your body with nutritious food at this health-obsessed eatery

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Superfood Deli: recharge your body with nutritious food at this health-obsessed eatery

If you don’t have the time to read the review, WATCH this short and sweet video below!

It’s got some tropical island vibes

Walking in, the smell of the fresh bananas being stacked behind the counter fills our nostrils. Just breathing in makes us feel the super healthy lifestyle we’re (not) living.

Açai and the bowls being made out of it are their hit at Superfood Deli. It’s the reason it’s preettty busy and sweaty inside by midday. Lucky we’ve got the refreshing cold Acai bowl to cool us down once we’re outside chilling in one of the beach chairs out front under a palm.

Brazil inspired this health haven

The two besties, Filip and Peter opened up the first Superfood Deli in 2016. It’s inspired by their traveling experiences and years abroad in Brazil. One of the superfoods in the place they imported directly from Brazil is Açai (“ah-sigh-eee“), the so-called superfood berry from the Açai palm.

It´s a Brazilian fruit from which all the Brazilian football players, skaters & surfers get their superpowers from. And it´s also Superfood Deli´s superpower.

And we’re told that the Açai Superfood sources is farmed sustainably and responsibly by farmers that are fairly paid. Plus, as it’s a native fruit of the rainforest, it discourages deforestation in Brazil. Anyway, it’s (controversially recently) been touted as an ideal energy booster for a while now.

Besides their Açai, their menu is made up of smoothies, salad & porridge bowls, avo’ toasts, quality coffee, protein soups, and raw and vegan snacks.

Also packed into Superfood Deli is Juice deli, where ginger shots are thrown back like tequila and cold press juices re-energise health freaks. You can also almost see their little life (health) bars like in Super Mario fill up and restore as they’re drinking their juice.

As you might have guessed by the name, its all about the pillars of purely good food for super humans that think carefully about what they put in their body and how it gets there – organic, raw, plant-based, eco-friendly, handmade and sustainably sourced.

It’s truly a eatery that lives with principles and takes sustainability seriously.


Once you spot the call to arms scrolled across their deli’s wall – ‘change starts here’ – you’ll get that this is a place that is powered with a mission.

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