The Ausländer Project: the Australian in Vienna who thinks she's a flute, but wants to be a violin

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Vienna Wurstelstand Auslander Project

The Ausländer Project: the Australian in Vienna who thinks she’s a flute, but wants to be a violin

After all, we’re all Ausländer somehow, right?

We met our first Ausländer, Catherina Lee from Australia, in her favourite place in Vienna – the majestic Konzerthaus. Scroll down to read more about Catherina.

Vienna Wurstelstand Auslander Project


Vienna Würstelstand (VWS): How the hell did you end up Vienna?

Catherina (C): I first did a violin masterclass when I was 14 with a bunch of different professors across Europe.

I met Gerhard Schulz – who’s my professor now – and he said “yeah, you’re talented, maybe you could be in my class.”

So I did the exam when I was 15 and I started studying here in Vienna.


VWS: And you came without your family?

C: Yes.


Vienna Wurstelstand Auslander Project


VWS: What was it like when you first arrived here?

C: I started my Bachelor (at the Universität für Musik) immediately, which now I think it wasn’t the smartest decision I made.

I was 15 and had the idea – “I wanna be a real uni student!” Then I started, but didn’t speak German at all.

I had to take all of these classes – musical acoustics and history – and no one knew I was 15, so they were talking to me like an adult and calling me – “die Dame”!



VWS: Do you have any regrets?

C: Yeah, I think at the beginning I wasn’t given enough rules and restrictions. I mean, I was living alone in a city at 15 so I was free to do whatever I wanted.

This meant, of course, that I was never practicing!



VWS: If you were a musical instrument which one would you be?

C:  I know it’s so lame, but I think I’d probably be a violin.

I wish I could say I would be a piano, ’cause that’s so much cooler, so much more powerful.

But realistically, I’d probably be a violin.

‘The violin (and especially the viola) resembles the human voice more than other instruments. And it looks like a woman’s body!

But I’m not very curvy, so I probably should be a flute.’




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