The LaLa: serving up very, very tasty plants in a small L.A. inspired eatery

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The LaLa in Vienna

The LaLa: serving up very, very tasty plants in a small L.A. inspired eatery

If you don’t have the time to read the review, WATCH this short and sweet video below!

L.A. inspired, pink and ALL vegan

Los Angeles, lovingly dubbed as La La Land and theCity of Dreams, is also the city of dreams for Cecilia and Susanna, the creators of The LaLa.

They’ve taken to the L.A. lifestyle, and now, they’re attempting to bring L.A. closer to Vienna. This has resulted in them opening an all-vegan superfood, juice and smoothy bar, The LaLa.

The LaLa sign outside

Mid-century, Palm Springs, LA vibes are what they’re going for. With an interior that boasts all different variations of pink (even the staff’s wearing pink!) and a bit of green, with a few Aloe Vera plants here and there, the whole concept is fine-tuned and heavily stylised.

The LaLa opened in May 2019, and it hasn’t taken long for all the health-conscious, trend-hitchhikers and vegans of the city to notice this new addition to Bobostan, also know as the 7th district.

The location is small, just a few tables inside, as well as a tiny Schanigarten outside. However, they’ve set it up as a grab & go concept where you order at the bar, grab and (you guessed it) go.

it's 100% plastic-free LA-inspiration inside The LaLa

Roundies are the new bowls! According the LaLa, anyway.

It’s not bowls what they’re serving, but ‘Roundies’. And the sisters take this seriously, so be careful not to have them hear you calling their ’roundies’ a bowl. Or you’ll feel the wrath of the The LaLa sisters. We’re just kidding, of course. Or are we? 😉

Back to the food and a bit about the menu – ‘With Early Birdies,’ you’ll find some classic porridge dishes that will fill you with all the good stuff to start your day. Their Fresh Roundies fit for lunch, or a quick dinner, and the Sweet Roundies… well, we could eat them at any time of the day, to be honest.

Their colourful and fresh ‘Earth Lover’ Roundie is quinoa, or brown rice (or both) in a big bowl, tofu, tomatoes, cucumbers, red cabbage, spring onions, peanuts, and a peanut dressing on top. A simple dish – hold the spcies – as allow the different flavours and textures of the ingredients in the bowl their time to shine. Shine they do.

Their Sweet Roundies are simply heavenly…and so damn colourful!

The ‘Yellow Mellow’ – a banana, mango, maracuja and orange bowl that’s topped with granola, banana, mango and coconut chips, is as good as it sounds. And it’s filled to the brim. And so are our bellies upon leaving.

The LaLa’s got more than just bowls… aaaah, we meant Roundies, of course

In case Roundies are not your thing (we assume you’re this anti-hipster kinda’ guy or girl who doesn’t want to consume anything that is super trendy right now) or you’re just not that hungry, there are always the LaLa smoothies.

They’re healthy (duh!), very tasty and are so filling that they could easily stand in for a light meal.

Oh, and that may look like regular plastic, but it’s actually one of those biodegradable cups.

Oh, and have we mentioned their ‘Beach Bread’  – it’s a piece of Joseph Brot wheat or rye bread, smeared and sprinkled with various yummy things.

The pun-game is strong at The LaLa. We appreciate this.

The avocado bread is named ‘The Bravocado,’ and their ‘Nuts about you’ creation is their take on PB&J bread – it’s smeared with a nut cream, homemade jam, and covered in bananas and chia seeds. With The Bunny, you’ll get a carot coconut spread, and The Princess is a peas and mint spread.

It all sounds as healthy as a yoga retreat, right? Well, it is. It’s all healthy and nutritious at The LaLa.

But don’t mistake healthy for bland as this would be a huuuuuuuge mistake.


That’s what the healthy bowl…fuck, oops, we mean Roundies movement has reminded us – there’s so much flavour in combining the right mix of simple, raw ingredients in a bowl….we mean Roundie….we mean a ceramic round dish that food goes in (sorry LaLa people! We’ll get it right! We just have to get used to it! We promise!)


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