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In-dish: The new insanely good and inventive Indian restaurant in town

Setting foot in the entrance induces a little whispered, “Wow.” You won’t find a slick looking Indian restaurant (minus the kitsch) resembling it, in town. If you do, please let us know.

The dominant synergy of the black and white interior is underlined by so many little lovely details – you’ll probably want to ask them to redesign your living room. Two men classically dressed (in black and white, of course) are waiting for us behind the counter, spotlighted by a massive monochrome global map behind them. We are greeted like good old friends.

Sitting down, the minimalistic furnished place shows off a passion for detail. Crystal oil vessels are sitting on wooden tables, forming a liaison with ornamented glasses in unobtrusive colours and scrolled metal candle holders. Meanwhile, Bollywood stars are watching you from film posters on the walls.

The sound of India is playing soothingly in the background. So as you may have noticed – the interior design is impressive, but you’ll also fall for the waiters. The service can only be described in one word – Bombaystisch! (we’re sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves). They constantly have an eye on you, refill your glasses, ask whether everything is alright, and make sure you feel as pampered as possible.

Nevertheless, it’s not like in one of these fancy restaurants, where the person responsible for your table, behaves like a helicopter mom. It’s more the perfect balance between high-quality service and respecting your space. Anyway, that’s enough about looks and personality – the food is where it’s at! And by ‘it’ we mean, the magic.

Now, tou think it’s obvious what you are getting into. We mean, it’s an Indian restaurant, right?! Well, you’re in for a surprise as this isn’t your everyday Indian restaurant.

While menu contains everything you might wish for when craving Indian cuisine, including a changing recommendation of the day, it’s all done in a very unique way at In-dish. There are some vegetarian and vegan options, and of course, you can have all the typical homey curries and dal dishes drowned in delicious spicy sauces (you choose the extremity), all accompanied with with traditional Naan bread.

But the dishes we sample go above and beyond. The Indian cheese melts in your mouth, while the spices in everything explode on the tip of your tongue, like a firecracker. The Naan bread is doughy and with that beautiful smoked flavour you’d expect.

A few favourites we’d recommend: as a starter, try the Kartoffel-Käse-Tikki, which will give you a potato-experience that you never thought this humble vegetable capable of. Meanwhile, we love the fun modern takes on the traditional Indian kitchen, like their signature Glorious Korma burger and the OMG butter chicken burger. Then there’s the chicken balls in a cashew curry sauce – the Murgh Mastana. It all is a refreshing new reinvention of all the good things that make the Indian cuisine so good.

The creativity extends to the drinks – we highly recommend if you’re not in a boozy mood that you go for the In-Dish Sherbats, which is their take on home made lemonades (think combinations like mint and mango). There’s also a watermelon and cucumber Spritzer and their cocktail menu harbours a few original creations inspired, once again, by the Indian spices and flavours.

Then there’S the desert – to offer a taste of their creativity here, we suggest you give the Gajri Panna Cotta, a traditional Indian carrot desert merged with the Italian sweet Panna Cotta. It’s like Don Giovanni meeting Sha Rukh Khan, becoming best friends, and having the time of their lives.

We don’t know of any other place in Vienna taking the flavours of India and giving them a twist in such a way. From the inventiveness to the immaculate presentation of the dishes, it’s fun, it’s new and the food is as crazily good as the experience.

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