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The new trending French baker on Baker street

It was only a matter of time before a baker settled back on Vienna’s Bäckerstraße (which literally means “baker street”, with the name dating back to the 14th century when bakers lined the street), and it’s no secret that the Viennese get a kick out of anything French, so it makes sense that it’s a boulangerie that gave the street back the meaning to its name.

Two homegrown Viennese are behind it, who have learned the dark arts of baking baguettes, croissants, tarte au citron and the other delights of the French bakery in France. Rémi Soulier is in charge of making the French bread and pastries, and Patricia Petschenig, takes care of the more elaborate sweet treats of the French pâtisserie.

Parémi is a real deal French bakery that bakes all products fresh, in-house, with flour and butter imported directly from France. And while this is a valid claim to authenticity, for us, the proof is in the heavenly, buttery taste of the croissants.

There’s no straying from the French baking traditions here, with every item behind the counter – the baguettes, croissants, pain au chocolat and brioche – all tasting 100% French. You could buy anything here and it will inspire that sound you make directly after an orgasm (it’s so cute, almost like one of those rubber chickens when squeezed).

But not only the baked goods will make you feel very French, but the whole interior carries the French chicness. Situated in the midst of Vienna’s cobblestoned first district, it blends right in with its shiny marble counter, big wooden communal tables and minimal and clean look.

Parémi is all about small bites (not to mention quality and well-made coffee), and if you’re not popping in and popping out with a baguette under your arm (very French of you) and staying a while, it’s an inviting space for a small breakfast or a coffee & cake break. It is self-service, so don’t go waiting to be waited on. Meanwhile, the filled baguettes (stuffed with ingredients like Brie, dried tomatoes, salami or chicken) make for a tasty lunch treat (we say treat as this place is pricey). We’d also recommend the Brioche with salted butter and homemade quince jam. Who are we kidding – everything here will keep you coming back.

While the place is often full, people are generally coming and going quickly so do wait if you can’t find a seat immediately upon turning up.

Demand is high for Parémi’s creations and they, on occasion, struggle to keep up with supply, but it you arrive to see an empty cabinet and have got time on your side, order a coffee, take a seat, and wait while listening for the French being spoken at one of the neighbouring tables (another good omen you’ll surely notice here).

This cosy space under an arched ceiling truly does inspire one to practise the romanticised French laissez-faire way of life… with a mouth full of croissant.

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