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8 facts about Vienna’s iconic Christmas lights

1. A whopping 30 streets are decorated and festively lit up this year in Vienna

© Vienna Würstelstand

Almost half of them are in the first district alone. The rest can be found all over the city, even as far out as Aspern. Yep, in that mystical place out over the river.

2. About 190 kilometers of cable is laid to install all of the lights

3. There are more little light bulbs that make up the Christmas lights than people living in Vienna

© Vienna Würstelstand

That is if you count each point of light individually. All together, you get a whopping 2.2 million of them!

4. Those beautiful chandeliers that are strung across the Graben are six meters tall and weigh 400 kilograms

© Vienna Würstelstand

So not really something to put in your living room. Unless you’re one of those people with a big-ass mansion somewhere in Döbling.

5. The musical notes hung over Annagasse in the first district form an actual melody

© Vienna Würstelstand | David Schneider

A very famous melody actually. It’s the first part of the melody to the Christmas classic, Silent Night.

It’s no coincidence that the lights here have a music theme to them because along this street you’ll find the Haus der Musik.

6. The giant red balls above Rotenturmstraße are four meters wide and weigh 200 kilograms

Those are some big red balls, indeed! Imagine if your apartment window looks out to one of them!

7. These crowns along Habsburgergasse are modeled after an actual historic crown

© Vienna Würstelstand

Can you guess which one? Little hint: look to the name of the street. Okay now it’s too obvious, right?

8. The Christmas tree at Ringturm is 65 meters tall

© Vienna Würstelstand | David Schneider

In addition to the tree, there are also 311 snowflakes that are lit up around it.

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