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Where is the heart of Vienna? According to you the city has many centers (and Stephansplatz is not one of them)

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Where the heart of Vienna can be found, according to you:

The charming Servitenviertel in the 9th district

This lovely little neighborhood, with its French vibes, small charming shops, and cobblestone streets plays a role as the center of life for those who live in the 9th district.

The Donaukanal

Okay, honestly: Who doesn’t love the Donaukanal? WHO? Many people like it so much though that they spend most of their time there as soon as the weather is warm enough. This so-called green artery of Vienna is well loved, and has earned its title as center of the city for many.

Aumannplatz and Schubertpark in the 18th

The 18th district is known for its quiet, the lovely villas that live there, and the district’s all-round charming character.

Aumannplatz and Schubertpark prove to be the beating hearts of this district for those who live there.

The Donauinsel (Brigittenauer Brücke)

The Donauinsel is a great place all year round. And for those that live near it, it’s an island on which they spend a great deal of their time.

In the warmer months, it is stormed by people from all over the city craving a tan, a swim, some sport, or just some nature time. No wonder that this human-made island is perceived as a central part of life in Vienna for many.


The lively Brunnenmarkt and Yppenplatz

Brunnenmarkt and Yppenplatz in Vienna’s 16th district are amongst the most vivid and vibrant places in Vienna. It’s got that urban buzz, walls covered in street art, hip cafes and different all kinds of people from all over the world hanging out there. It is made to be placed at the heart of people’s lives in this city.

The busy Lerchenfelder Straße

Lerchenfelder Straße marks the border between the 7th and 8th district and therefore plays a big part in the lives of those who live in these districts. With more and more shops, cafes and restaurants popping up along the street, its becoming quite the bustling street. It’s also got the tram 46 shooting to and from the center of the city, which makes it a commuting route for many.

The cool and artsy Museumsquartier

The Museumsquartier is THE place to be in summer. Well, actually all year round. With its sitting accommodations, the cafes (yeah, we know, not right now), the Christkindlmarkt in winter (yeah, we know, not last year) and not least the museums, it’s the perfect place to hang out at.

The area surrounding Schönbrunn – Alt-Hietzing (the historic part of Hietzing)

The Grätzel Hietzing is made up of charming old and narrow streets and has all of the elements that make a center, a center.

From one person in our community: ‘It’s like a lovely village in a metropolitan area.’

The mighty market, the Naschmarkt

When it’s in full swing, the Naschmarkt is one of the most lively places in the city. Whether you’re taking in the smells of the laneways filled with fruit and veg vendors, or your chilling with a coffee or beer in hand at one of the cafes – the Naschmarkt earns a big, fat pin on any map of Vienna.

The area around Uni Wien

If you are a student, the area around the main Uni Wien campus could very possibly be your center of the city. Whether in between classes, or hanging out with friends, it’s the obvious location that lies at the heart of your life.

The 2nd district neighbourhood, the Stuwerviertel 

This triangle-shaped area that lies between Praterstern and the area, Venediger Au, has been earning a name for itself in recent years. Hip and big name restaurants, like Mochi and Brösl have been popping up, and with the main WU campus at its borders, its got a young vibe running through it. The multicultural mix lends it a lot of character.

The lovely park with a couple of war towers plonked in it, the Augarten

This park has a very unique flair attached to it. It’s got manicured lawns neighbouring completely wild wooded areas, a palace at its center and a couple of war towers looming over it all. It’s one complex character and that’s probably why it attracts so many to its green spaces.

Vienna’s nightlife hotspot, the Bermuda Dreieck

The dive bar central (with the exception of a few classy joints) the Bermuda Dreieck has been the heart of the city when it comes to nightlife for years. For many, it is apparently much more than that. The emotional connection to this cobblestone area would have only heightened after the terrorist attacks that occurred there in 2020.

The shopping boulevard, Mariahilferstraße

It’s no surprise that Mahü made it on this list as a heart of Vienna. It is a shopping boulevard where people buy their way into a lifestyle that makes them feel more themselves, and it’s a popular spot to hang for many.

The forever pretty Votivpark

The park, Votivpark, is literally located in the middle of Vienna and it’s right next to the main uni campus. Naturally, plenty of time is spent there by the students of the city.

One of the newest neighbourhoods in the city – “Viertel Zwei

Viertel Zwei is an office and residential district in Leopoldstadt. It has some really cool architecture and is located close to the Danube river and the Prater. It’s decked out with all of the things you need in life, so no wonder people see it as their center.

The main street of the third district, Landstraßer Hauptstraße

Landstraßer Haupstraße is without a doubt the center of the third district. With all its shops, restaurants and cute little alleys shooting off of it – it’s a nice place to spend your time if you live in the area. It’s also got a ton of quality bakeries living on it, which can only be another reason that is so much a part of people’s lives.

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