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Vienna Würstelstand launches vienna senf, the fresh & fun video channel starring Vienna

For just over 4 years now, we at Vienna Würstelstand have passionately been all about sending content out to the people and pony lovers (cause who doesn’t love ponies?) of Vienna that enriches their lives in two ways:

+ it inspires them to discover and explore this loveable city Vienna
+ inserts a smile into their day

And now, with our community’s help, we’re looking to take our content to the next level – launch Vienna Würstelstand’s very own video series, vienna senf. Check out this little (slightly random) teaser video of what’s to come:


Why and what are we crowdfunding?

At the beginning of September 2018, we’ll be launching a crowdfunding campaign to fund the video production of an online video series, starring Vienna.

Running throughout all the videos, like all the content we produce, will be our mission: to help you make the most out of Vienna… and life.

However, more specifically, we want to make video series about our beloved city that are different: videos that take our community into the hidden gems of the city with a camera, having them meeting and getting inspired by the incredible and extraordinary ordinary people Vienna has living in its midst.

Not only will the video content lead people to discover super cool experiences in the city, but it will also tell the stories of the city and its unique inhabitants. And by ‘inhabitants,’ we mean we’ll be telling the stories of EVERYBODY living here.


A few series ideas for vienna senf we have so far:

+ Female as F***: a series that will put the camera on the incredible women changing and creating things in Vienna
+ Foodship: a series in which friendship is made over food. With Foodship, we’ll take you into the super secret insider food and drink spots of Vienna and introduce you to the amazing experiences that can be had there.
+ Kleiner Brauner kick: a bunch of very short, funny and inspiring videos that you can have with your morning coffee.
+ Locals doing Leiwand things in Vienna: a series in which conversations with creatives of the city will literally go anywhere.
+ Vienna Explained: a series in which we look at the weird and wonderful quirks of Vienna, and try to explain them
+ This is Vienna: a series in which we explore and discover the many experiences to be had in Vienna

How can you be part of this vienna senf journey?

Before we launch vienna senf – as we aim to continue to make content that is always custom-made with our community in mind, we want to ask you what you’d like to see on Vienna Würstelstand’s new video channel, vienna senf.

SO, tell us what you think by signing up, and become part of the vienna senf journey!

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