5 of the best fruit and veg boxes you can get delivered to your door in Vienna

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5 of the best fruit and veg boxes you can get delivered to your door in Vienna

And nothing says, ‘I care about the environment and the local economy,’ quite like opting for this farm-to-fridge service being offered up by small businesses, and even some farmers.

We asked our community who delivers their fruit and veg boxes, and this is what they came back with:



About: This well known Biohof (organic farm) is one of the pioneers when it comes to delivering fruit ‘n’ veg boxes in Vienna. Located just outside the city, Adamah offers great variations of local and seasonal crops, and also some exotic stuff imported from trusted organic, fair-trade farmers from around the world. Their boxes come with recipes and often with a freebie, such as an organic juice, or some sample products. Besides fruit and vegetables, they also deliver many organic products such as dairy goods, pestos and spices.

How it works: Depending on your district, your box will be delivered on a specific day through the week. When you place your order, you get a suggested list of items that you can modify to your liking (box prices may vary accordingly). If you leave the list open, some items might be replaced depending on availability.  The items will be delivered in a box, that has a €5 deposit that comes with it.

Good to know: If you’re a new client, you might not be able to place an order during the shutdown, especially since they are at capacity for the time being. They expect that it will loosen up in the coming period, so keep an eye on their website.

Price guide: Medium box: around €21 + €5 for box deposit

Place your orders here: www.adamah.at



About: Bioigel claim to be the most regional delivery service for fruit ‘n’ veggies in Vienna. They deliver only seasonal produce and don’t import anything from abroad. So, while you shouldn’t expect anything exotic, you can be sure the products you’ll have delivered from this crowd will be fresh, organic, and will go towards supporting local farmers.

How it works: The deadline for ordering your box for the coming week is Sunday at midnight. Delivery days depend on your district. The contents of your box is preselected according to what’s available, however, you can leave a comment noting if you absolutely don’t want some of the items in the mix. The products are delivered in a box that has a €5 deposit on it, which will be returned to you with the next order.

Good to know:  new clients might still have to wait a bit longer to place an order, however, they are taking orders from existing clients. Just be sure to see what the status is on their website or on their Facebook page. 

Price guide: Large box: around €24 + €5 deposit for the box

Place your orders here: www.bioigel.at



© photo courtesy of markta

About: markta.at describe themselves to be an online farmers market, and we absolutely love their concept. The people behind this project want to bring their customers closer to food producers and ensure quality, variety and appreciation is shared amongst the local community. They deliver all kinds of produce and regionally-produced artisanal products.

How it works: This one works like an online shop. You choose your items, put your own box together, and pay accordingly. You can have the products delivered to you (€5,90 delivery price) within Vienna, on Tuesdays, or Fridays. Alternatively, you can pick them up yourself at their contactless pickup locations: Naschmarkt (1060), or MyHive (1100).

Good to know: Markta have more than just fruit and vegetables on offer. You can get dairy products, bread, jams, and even wines and non-alcoholic drinks from their website. There is no delivery fee for orders above €39.

Place your orders here: www.markta.at



©photo courtesy of Obsthaus

About: Obsthaus are a family business that deliver fruit and vegetables from partner farms, that might be in Vienna or all over Europe. Seasonal products are from Austria, but they have a large variety of import products on offer too.

How it works:  They have 4 types of boxes of different contents. You can choose from these but you can’t change the content individually. Each box can be “upgraded” to organic, and costs a little bit more. They have deliveries every day, so you can choose the next available date that suits you.

Good to know: There is a delivery fee of €6, but if you order 2 boxes or more, then they deliver for free. Most clients seem to get a fruit box and a veggie box with every order.

Price guide: Mixed boxes are €19, or €26 when choosing organic items.

Place your orders here: www.shop.obsthaus.at



About: Paradeisa is an online shop that sells products sourced from local farmers and businesses. The people behind this project want to make it possible for everyone to get high quality products, while making the whole shopping experience more eco-friendly. Their motto is that good food shouldn’t be a luxury, and we full-heartedly agree with this!

How it works: The online shop has quite a large variety of products, from fruit and vegetables to baked goods, fish, meat, and even ready meals that come in jars. They deliver to specific locations around Vienna and you can choose from which one to pick your box up your from.

Good to know: On their website is the complete list of producers, so you can know for sure where your goods are sourced from.

Place your orders here: www.paradeisa.at



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