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Ghost Kitchens: the restaurants in Vienna that don’t actually exist but you’ve probably ordered food from in the last year

1. Gangnam Kitchen

© Gangnam Kitchen

Yes, Gangnam, as in that one Korean song that was trending a couple years ago. It’s also the name of one of Seoul’s hippest districts. You might have already guessed, but we’re going to tell you anyway – Gangnam Kitchen is delivering Korean food to apartments all over Vienna, specifically they’re signature dish is Korean Fried chicken. And they’re not doing a bad job of it if its quality fried chicken you’re after.

The menu also consists of other street food style dishes, including dumplings, kimchi and burgers.

2. Cheesus Burger

© Cheesus Burger

Some people love burgers, so much so that it’s like a religion to them. Hence the word play in the name of this particular ghost chicken.

Cheesus burger even has their own version of the ten commandments; for example ‘toast your buns,’ and ‘only use the freshest toppings.’ So yeah, looks like these guys and gals are reeaaally into burgers.

3. Mamacita California Burritos

© Mamacita

Mamacita promises to bring you the real flavour out of California onto your plate. Hmm, we wonder what California actually tastes like?

Mamacita’s specialty is burritos – big, packed full of  rice cheese and your choice of ingredients, burritos.

Apart from burritos, you’ll also find other Tex-Mex-inspired food like bowls and quesadillas on the menu.

4. Holy Chicken

© Holy Chicken

Glorifying your food to religious levels really seems to be a thing with these ghost kitchens, huh? In this case, it’s chicken they’re raising to almighty high levels, so if you’re into fried poultry, you can have it delivered in all shapes and sizes at Holy Chicken.

5. Baba Noni

© Baba Noni

From Baba Noni, you’ll get traditional Oriental dishes, fused with modern European influences. Besides the classics (we’re talking hummus and falafel) there’s also a variety of wraps, bowls and salads on offer.

6. Blattgold

© Blattgold

Delivery food doesn’t have to be unhealthy, it can also be fresh and tasty – that’s the mantra behind Blattgold. Using regionally sourced ingredients and a whole lotta greens, their menu is rich in salad bowls. A selection of wraps and curries complement the healthy mix.

7. Beste Freunde Burger

© Beste Freunde Burger

Who says that you can’t befriend your food. Surely makes for a much more intimate experience at every bite. So if you’re fed up with your old friends, how about some new ones you can feed on. Ummm, wait, what?! Anyway, apparently these burgers can be your best friend.

8. BioFrische

© BioFrische

The hole in the wall kitchen (they’ve actually got 3 home bases) delivering Indian dishes all over the city, BioFrische, is the original of the ghost kitchens in Vienna. They existed long before the food delivery apps entered our lives, and they’re well know across the city for their tasty (and organic) curries.

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