Your Ultimate Guide to Vienna's Open Air Cinemas in 2021

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Your Ultimate Guide to Vienna’s Open Air Cinemas in 2021

Here’s a list of Vienna’s summer open air cinemas, complete with our tips on the films you shouldn’t miss!




When: July 1 – September 17
Where: different places all over Vienna (e.g. Karmelitermarkt, Reithofferplatz, Jodok Fink Platz, etc.)
Entry: free!
Drinks/food: Bring your own or find a Döner stand

And it’s back again for another year: the nomadic wandering cinema. The Volxkino will be hosting pop-up film screenings at unusual locations around the city. Included in the various settings are markets, parks and Gemeindebau (social housing complexes) courtyards. All movies will start at nightfall, and entry is free. Equally pleasantly surprising is the eclectic mix of films in the program.

Don’t miss Editor’s Picks:

Glücklich wie Lazaro
When: FRI, July 23, 9pm
Where: Dornerplatz, 1170
Language: Original version with German subtitles

Couch Connections
When: THU, July 29, 9pm
Where: Rudolf-Bednar-Park, 1020 Wien
Language: Original version with German subtitles


Kino am Dach

© Kino am Dach

When: July 1 – September 19, films start at 9pm
Where: on the roof of the Hauptbücherei – the city’s main library
Entry: 10€ (9€ students), buy tickets online (no box office tickets!)
Food/drink: drinks are available and so is food most of the time. If you’d rather save your money, it’s not hard to sneak in your own stuff from home 😉

Ahhhh, ye’ ol’ favourite amongst the open air cinemas in Vienna – firstly, because of the vast range of films it screens and secondly, because of the view. No matter how warm the night is, there’s a pleasant breeze up at the Kino am Dach – the highest cinema in the city. As always, they’re bringing a stellar programme of international films to the rooftops of Vienna. EVERY! SINGLE! DAY! Check the programme out on their Facebook page or their website.

Don’t miss Editor’s Picks:

Billie Eilish: The world’s a little blurry
When: MON, July 5, 8pm & 9pm
Language: Original version with German subtitles

When: SAT, July 10, 9pm
Language: English with German subtitles


Kino wie noch nie

© Filmarchiv Austria / Sabine Maier

When: July 1 – August 29, daily from 9:30pm (Augarten)/8pm (Metro) /7pm (Grünstern)
Where: Open Air Augarten / Metro Kinokulturhaus / Grünstern Kinoheuriger
Entry: 8.50€, reserve via
Food and Drink: organic, seasonal food made with regionally sourced ingredients will be served up at every screening

The beautifully set open-air cinema of the Augarten, Kino Wie Noch Nie, is back again, and we have an inkling that this year’s going to be special. Not only is the atmosphere unique amongst the trees of the park, yet also the film program they’ve thrown together is full of old favourites and relatively new hits.

Don’t miss Editor’s Picks:

When: FRI, July 2, 9:30pm
Language: Romanian & Englisch original with german

When: TUE, July 4, 9:30pm
Language: OV (mix of English & German) with German subtitles


Film Festival at Rathausplatz

© Film Festival

When: July 3 – September 4
Where: Rathausplatz
Entry: free! Reserve a free box for 2 or 4 people online
Food and drinks: various choices from this year’s caterer DO & CO, delivering international cuisine in a separate restaurant-style area with space for 500 ppl.; the parks in front of city hall – from which the music can also be heard – is also a nice spot for a picnic with your own food from home

The Filmfestival on Rathausplatz will be looking a little different in the years of Corona. They will still be screening a range of concert films – from Classical to Jazz to Pop/Rock performances – up on a big screen. A huge screen will be installed in front of the beautiful town hall, but this year, in order to comply with Covid-19 regulations, you should keep the 3 Gs in mind! You can register on their website.

Throughout the summer, most films will be played twice. Check out the full program on their website.

Also good to know… like every year, there will be a culinary experience attached to the film festival, however, this year it will be a seated affair. All the different food stands will be set up, but seating will be assigned by staff in the open-air dining area.

Don’t miss Editor’s Picks:

Christina Aguilera: Stripped – Live in The UK
When: THU, July 8, 9:30pm

Alicia Keys Plays Baloise Session
When: SUN, July 11, 9:15pm



When: July 9 – August 28, check the websites for dates
Where: MQ – Museumsquartier
Entry: free!
Drinks/food: everything goes, if you run dry, there are plenty of bars around the MQ that will look after you

The Frame[o]ut (said with a digitally enhanced robotic voice) film festival at the MQ is all about sound and sight and how the two can be artistically combined. Amongst the program are music videos, odd documentaries, short movies and experimentals.

Don’t Miss Editor’s Picks:
The program is not yet available. Keep an eye on the Frameout website for details.


Sommerkino im Belvedere 21

© Lukas Schaller / Belvedere, Wien

When: July 2 – August 1, daily 5pm
Where: Belvedere 21
Entry: free! You need to have an entrance ticket to the museum though
Drinks/food: maybe you can sneak in your own food

This summer, the Belvedere is moving its outdoor cinema from the beautiful location of the Orangerie in the Lower Belvedere to the sculpture garden of the Belvedere 21. Films that will be screened will relate in someway to this year’s theme, ‘Träume, die die Welt verändern .’ Most films are being shown in the original versions, with subtitles. Be sure to check out the program.

Don’t Miss Editor’s Picks:

Ein Augenblick Freiheit
When: SUN, July 4, 9pm
Language: German version

Science-Fiction im Park

© Science-Fiction im Park

When: September 6 – September 11, daily 5pm
Where: Bruno-Kreisky-Park
Entry: free!
Drinks/food: bring your own!

Science Fiction im Park has been the only science fiction open air cinema in Vienna since 2007. Every year, they tackle a new topic and this year it’s all about the climate discussion and life with a pandemic.

For 6 days straight, they will be showing movies about “Life, The Universe And Everything”. All that will be happening in the beautiful Bruno-Kreisky-Park!

Don’t Miss Editor’s Picks:

They haven’t announced their program yet, but be sure to check their website regularly!

Stumm & Laut 2021 – Filmfest am Columbusplatz

© Stumm & Laut

When: September 6 – September 11, daily 5pm
Where: Columbusplatz
Entry: free!
Drinks/food: there are many restaurants in the vicinity, so you’re well taken care of

This special festival is dedicated to screening silent films. But don’t worry, there will be musical accompaniment by multiple bands. This year, Stumm & Laut will be happening for the ninth time at Columbusplatz in the 10th district.

Don’t Miss Editor’s Picks:

They haven’t announced their program yet, but be sure to check their website regularly!

Kaleidoskop – Film und Freiluft

© Kaleidoskop – Film und Freiluft

When: July 2 – July 16
Where: Arena Wien
Entry: free!
Drinks/food: you might be able to sneak some in!

The grungy, punk-vibe-filled location, Arena Wien is hosting the Kaleidoskop – Film und Freiluft – Festival. They will be playing international and independent films of the indie variety (don’t expect any blockbusters here!).

Don’t Miss Editor’s Picks:

When: FRI, July 2, 9pm
Language: Original with English & German subtitles

When: SUN, July 11, 9pm
Language: Original with English subtitles

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