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If Vienna’s U-Bahn lines were the stars in Thomas the Tank Engine what would their characters be like?

The U1 Tank Engine, Justus


Justus runs the Leopoldau to Oberlaa line. When he says this to people at parties, people ask – where the hell is Leopoldau?

He has some important stations to cover, is always on time, and is a no-bullshit kind of dude.

He talks a lot about politics, but nobody gets it most of the time because all you hear is “Ausstieg Rechts” or “Ausstieg Links”.

He’s maybe a little stuck up – being number 1, and all – but he’s an open-doored tank engine for anyone who wants’s to get somewhere.

He does have a stink about him in some parts that many people judge him for.

His favourite Viennese saying is, ‘Ana hod immer des Bummerl.’

The U2 Tank Engine, Sofie


She likes to be the centre of attention with her purple coloured outfit. May have something to do with being the number 2 tank.

She kinda keeps to herself because people just don’t get her most of the time. Even when meeting with the tank engines, U4 and U1, at Karlsplatz, she kinda feels like the odd one out.  A bit dramatic tbh. This may have something to do with her believing that some famous Irish band named themselves after her.

She prides herself on getting the commuters from the satellite city of Seestadt into the heart of the city and mentions it at every given chance.

The U3 Tank Engine, Lucas


This tank is hard-working, motivated, and takes care of everyone. He’s very sociable as he crosses paths with many of the other tanks on his daily trips.

He carries a lot of the hipster traits like the hipsters he transports through the shopping districts and is one of the only tanks that know of a place called Simmering. The other tanks think that he’s making the place up.

He’s one of the few tanks in this world that thinks his orange colour scheme is cool.

His favourite Viennese saying is ‘Servas, wos is?’

The U4 Tank Engine, Anna


She is the firstborn tank engine (1976). You could think of her as the older sister that has her shit together. She knows how to get a lot done and still makes time to see the nice parts of the city. She’s been doing this for a long time.

Even though she’s the oldest, she still is down to party with the Gürtel on her route. She’s got a distinct smell of Kebap and dirty Mcdonald’s burgers on the weekends.

She lives partly underground, but also comes out on a regular basis, mostly to grab a view of Schönbrunn.

Her best mate is some guy who the people of this city name, the Bierkavalier.

Her favourite Viennese saying is, ‘oida I bin bum zua.’

The U6 Tank Engine, Mathias


The U6 is a popular tank engine. Plenty of people talk about him behind his back, saying that he smells funny, is loud and not the best looking, but this is probably just because they’re jealous he gets along with everyone. He’s renowned as being a party train (and often smells like beer). When the cleaners arrive each morning after a weekend night out, they find him looking a lot of the time as seen in the picture above.

You’ll even catch the haters happily riding his line, going from bar to bar on a night out, or heading to the river.

He doesn’t shower much, but then again, the only shower for a train is the rain. While the rest of the tank engines are underground, he gets plenty of sun above ground.

His favourite Viennese saying is, ‘Wos schaust so deppat, host kan Fernseher daham?’

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