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7 types of friends described as Vienna’s favourite supermarkets

The couple that are polar opposites but somehow make it work – Billa & Spar

© Vienna Würstelstand | Marietta Dang

Visiting these two for dinner is loads of fun because you never know what you’re getting yourself into. There’s always some kind of holiday-themed meal that can either go terribly wrong or turn out to be a complete success. One of them wants to impress and paid too much for the wine, while the other is unashamed about offering Merlot out of a box because “it’s just as good!” They’re known to attract lots of guests so after a while, you feel like you’ve overstayed your welcome and better scurry before it gets too crowded.


The one that uses specialty ingredients to cook the perfect dish – Meinl am Graben

© Vienna Würstelstand | Marietta Dang

This friend is always needed in your far less glamorous life. Going over to their place feels like you’re at a fancy boutique hotel or something. There are cloth napkins on the table, and you have no idea what all those extra forks are for, but you can’t wait to find out.  They don’t do casual meals, they set the mood with savoury appetisers and cheeses that smell so strong they must be expensive. And they don’t do big portions so if you’re really hungry, maybe have a snack before you show up. Quality over quantity, y’know?


The one who always finds unique treats – Prosi/Nakwon/Any Afro-Asian supermarket really

© Vienna Würstelstand | Marietta Dang

This is that friend who offers you a ginger bite and then goes on to explain that it has “miraculous healing powers”. You didn’t ask, but it’s good to know anyway. Pepper coated candy and bean-flavoured ice-cream? Quite unusual and maybe not always your thing, but this friend gets you to push your taste buds to the limit! When this pal cooks a meal you’re guaranteed plenty of unfamiliar flavour combos that end up harmonising perfectly in your mouth. And we hope you like it spicy! Even if you don’t have a high tolerance, the explosion of flavours you just experienced is totally worth an explosive session on the toilet in the middle of the night.


The one who knows how to make a killer Döner at home – Etsan & AYCAN

© Vienna Würstelstand | Marietta Dang

This friend is as Austrian as they come but grew up eating food from their parents’ homeland. At their place, you get cool snacks you’ve never tried before, authentic ingredients, and all the right flavourings for DIY Döner & Dürum. And these homemade versions are so much better than the wannabe-imitations you get at “Daniels Dönerstand um’s Eck”. Another bonus? Whenever you stop by it feels like a family gathering that you’re more or less welcome to join in on.


The one who hoards food like a doomsday prepper – Hofer & Metro

© Vienna Würstelstand | Marietta Dang

With this friend, a home-cooked meal using fresh ingredients is a once in a blue moon kind of thing. They keep some fruits & vegetables around for appearances but love their canned and ready-to-eat processed foods. And fair enough, we’re not millionaires, right? They like their basics and don’t use a wide range of ingredients, so you’re bound to be eating the same things each time you visit. And maybe calling them a hoarder might be an exaggeration, but anyone who has that many giant cans of corn and beans is definitely not normal. On a good day, their shelves are stocked with necessities, but unfortunately, there isn’t much range to their assortment. This means you may be bound to repeat the same foods and meals each time you visit.

The one who can whip up an amazing meal from leftovers – Lidl, Penny Markt

© Vienna Würstelstand | Marietta Dang

Ok, so maybe their cupboards aren’t fully stocked either and the fridge is nearly empty. When you’re dining with this friend, you’re gonna have to wing it a bit. But what they can create for you from almost nothing is like a magic trick. They’ve got hacks for days and can convert the most ridiculous grab bag of ingredients into an enjoyable meal. Eating at their house is impressive and sad at the same time. Kinda makes you wonder what they could do with a fully stocked pantry. And what’s with all the miscellaneous items lying around? Garden furniture, a cordless vacuum, lighters, a 40-pack of AAA batteries. This friend of yours is truly fascinating.


The one who makes sure you eat healthy and sustainable – any organic/sustainable zero-waste/package-free Greissler

© Vienna Würstelstand | Marietta Dang

You just spent a couple days on a junk binge, shoving everything that’s bad into your system. You need to raise your spirits with a) a change of scenery, and b) yummy goodness that’s good for your garbage-filled body. This friend has their own exclusive group of friends, and they all seem to be ever so healthy and wise. Before you know it, you’re hanging out with them all the time (Yay, Cloth bags & membership cards!) and telling your other friends what they should eat.. At this friend’s place you know you’re in for a clean meal made with health-conscious products that have no preservatives, no GMO, and sometimes no flavour.

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