A virtual cigar lounge has opened up in Vienna & it's bringing the bar experience to people's living rooms

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A virtual cigar lounge has opened up in Vienna & it’s bringing the bar experience to people’s living rooms

Well, it should be – the interior design of the place is completely custom-made to suit each individual guest’s tastes. It even has the groove of your arse perfectly installed into its sofas and arm chairs. And remember a few months ago when the city introduced a smoking ban in bars and restaurants? Well, in this bar, you only have to abide by your own rules (Well, perhaps wear pants as people will see you on video), because this bar is set in your living room.

‘Light em’ up’ is the virtual cigar lounge invention from sensory expert & experience designer (yes, that is a job!) Reinhard Pohorec. While many in this city will know him as that award-winning cocktail barman working at Vienna’s one and only genuine speakeasy, Tür 7, he’s actually a pioneering expert of sensory experience – so, he helps brands, hotels and other kinds of companies like that create an outstanding all-round experience for their customer’s senses.

This time around, he’s experimenting with the relatively unchartered territory of how to bring virtually the sensory experience of hanging out in a classy kinda’ bar into people’s living rooms.

How does it work? Well, the lounge offers dates and times when the 100 on the guest list tune into a Zoom video chat where the are hosted by Reinhard. Guests are obviously encouraged to enjoy their favourite wine, spirit, or whatever juice gets them going, while hanging out and chatting with the other guests. Oh, and of course, many are puffing away on cigars.

To break the ice, and make things more interesting, each session features a speaker of some kind, from entrepreneurs, to sommeliers, designers and all species of experts.

‘Especially in times of crisis it is all the more important to stand together, be strong, be united. During these moments of desperation, we painfully recognize just how much we yearn for social interaction, and for good conversation,’ says Reinhard.

It’s a first to register, first serve policy, and the guest list fills up quick, so if this sounds like your kind of thing, check out the details on Reinhard Poherec’s website and sign up for the next session.

And like we said, this bar is perfectly designed to suit your wants and needs, but wearing pants during the Zoom video call is adviseable.

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