You'll have FOMO, if you don't go-go, to this inventive bar & bistro, Heuer am Karlsplatz - Vienna Würstelstand

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You’ll have FOMO, if you don’t go-go, to this inventive bar & bistro, Heuer am Karlsplatz

Heuer balances between serving up the quality and atmosphere of a high-end bar and bistro, and the comfort of being a casual cafe where you might feel like you should have tried harder if you turn up in flip flops… but that’s only a ‘might’.

You feel like you’re part of THE crowd (whoever that crowd may be) when propping yourself up in a seat at Heuer. The comfortably stylish inside dining room is well-dressed, with it’s olive green leather bench seats, and the smart layout – bar being a feature and the hint of New York flair. The shelves of herbs, pickled stuff and juices lining the wall aren’t only there for looks, but also represent serious stuff going down in the kitchen.

When we interviewed Peter Fallnbügl, the head chef and a 1/4 of the 4 brains behind Heuer, we felt like we were filming for the Netflix documentary, ‘Chef’s Table’. With great enthusiasm, Peter, gave us a tour of his organic produce that he sources from the 40 producers that deliver to Heuer weekly, or sometimes, even daily. Oh, and we also got to taste probably one of the best carrots we’ve ever eaten.

As it’s located on a pleasant grassy, yet urban island amidst the traffic of Karlsplatz, the restaurant’s garden has always been a drawcard, however, it wasn’t until Peter and co. took the place over 4 years ago that Heuer really came into itself. And this had a lot to do with their inventiveness with the menu.

The menu make-up is full of their own original interpretations of Mediterranean and Austrian dishes, a few steakhouse-like inclusions, with some very good salads making a show, and of course, a burger that proves to be a popular one in the city. Which must really piss a chef off – that in amongst all of the creative things he’s doing with the menu, that a burger wins most popular with the people’s vote. But hey, what can we say, there’s nothing like a good burger.

Meanwhile, (a random fact for you) Peter’s favourite food is a burnt sweet potato, which he slips into the menu sometimes. Actually, he likes to burn things in general, you know, just throw stuff into the fire.

Meanwhile, the creativity extends into the infamous craft cocktail menu Heuer boasts, which when reading will make you feel like a inexperienced preschool drinker when it comes to cocktails – seriously, there are some outlandish concoctions in there.

The drinks menu in general has a unique variety of wines, beers (including craft) and homemade creations, like their homemade lemonades and juices. The prices are more than your average place in Vienna, but the quality is taken to another level.

Heuer is a place for a first date, or date night for that matter. It’s the kind of place where the menu makes the decision for you, as it inspires you to try something deliciously different. It’s the kind of place you’ll feel like you’re missing out on if you’re not amongst the 1500 people visiting daily, now and again.

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