Antonio Sánchez - Birdman live - Vienna Würstelstand

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Tension raising with live drums while watching Birdman

Antonio Sánchez – Birdman live

We’re sure you’ve heard of that one movie which won four Oscars: ‘Birdman’ from 2014. If not – have you been living under a rock? Anyhow, the Wiener Konzerthaus is lending Antonio Sánchez its big room for one of his polyrhythmic improvisation.

Antonio Sánchez is considered one of the best drummers, bandleaders, and composers of his generation, and he will delight your ears with live music while the original English version of the movie, with german subtitles, is playing.

Each performance he does around the world is a unique experience as Sánchez enriches his original music with spontaneous momentary improvisation. He also happens to be the guy who wrote the soundtrack for ‘Birdman’ and won a Grammy for his work.


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