CONTRAST presents S.P.Y – Dubplate Style - Vienna Würstelstand

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CONTRAST presents S.P.Y – Dubplate Style

Get dancing at another classic CONTRAST DnB party at Forelle

CONTRAST presents S.P.Y – Dubplate Style

When: SAT, November 16, 11pm–6am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 15€; get your tickets now!

The Grelle Forelle is hosting the CONTRAST party crew this Saturday night. There will be DnB beats that will blow you away, like at every DnB party.S.P.Y, ALIBI, and LowQui Mc are gracing the stage with their newest tracks and beats, but there is a twist: S.P.Y will be performing Dubplate Style (whatever that means.) So if you want to go off to some really good music this weekend, this is worth checking out.

Recommended if you like: Grelle Forelle, S.P.Y, ALIBI, LowQui Mc, having one too many, making out with strangers, Techno music, when the bass matches his heartbeat, wearing fresh sneaks, making the most out of your Saturday night

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