GenderCrash 14: Drama, Baby! - Vienna Würstelstand

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GenderCrash 14: Drama, Baby!

Whoop, whoop, clear the stage for an awesome talent – the Queer music festival is happening at the WUK

GenderCrash 14: Drama, Baby!

When: SAT, November 16, 9pm–4am
Where: WUK performing arts
Entry: 13€; get your tickets now!

The WUK is hosting GenderCrash, Vienna’s unique queer music festival, this Saturday night and it looks quite promising! There will be many acts, which will fascinate you with their diverse talents and skills. Getting you through the program are the two hosts of the night, Denice Bourbon and Dutzi Bullard-Ijsenhower, who will surely entertain. Meanwhile, performances on stage will include pro dancers, theater, Electronic beats, and more. Check out the program.

Recommended if you like: GenderCrash, WUK, having one too many, dancing to the beat, experiencing other worlds, art, feeling like being in another dimension, queers, being proudly queer, making out with strangers, drama on stage, a diverse array of entertainment packed into one night

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