HalliGalli in HaWei - Vienna Würstelstand

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Parents check out this environmental friendly children's festival

HalliGalli in HaWei

The HaWei in the 14th district is hosting a children’s festival, and it is going to be all fun and games with a Kasperltheater, a concert, and a barefoot parkour. Even though it’s free, you still have to sign up to participate.

You also have to bring your own picnic blanket and food. There is no toilet, so they encourage you to use private connections to neighbours (they couldn’t say use the bushes, but we can).

There will also be a barter bazaar, so if you have any old toys, or other kid’s crap you want to get rid of, you could exchange it for other old toys and kid’s crap.

If you have your own ideas on how to make that Saturday even more blissful, they’d be happy if you let them know beforehand. Suggestions are welcome.

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