Start listening to The Wurst Guide to Living in Austria - Vienna Würstelstand

The English speaking magazine. Making the most out of Vienna and life.

Alright, let’s make sure you’re starting the year off right. One power habit we suggest you pick up is to start listening to the Vienna Würstelstand’ podcast every Monday. It’s the kind of advice you’ll find in every productivity-mindfulness-be-your-best-self-while-changing-nothing book. We looked it up!

Seriously though, we really love our podcast about our love-hate relationship with Vienna and Austria. It helps people make the most out of life in this rebel of a country.

Join hosts, Jacob Moss and Gabriel Schaffler, as they explore all the questions you’ve ever had, or never thought to ask, about Austria & Vienna, with insider tips that will enrich your life and stories that will blow your mind.

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