Wohnzimmerkonzert mit Sakîna & Friends - Vienna Würstelstand

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Wohnzimmerkonzert mit Sakîna & Friends

Cosy up with some Oriental Music at this living room concert

Wohnzimmerkonzert mit Sakîna & Friends

When: WED, November 13, 8pm–10pm
Where: Stand 129, Viktor–Adler–Markt

Kurdish songstress, Sakîna, is performing this Wednesday at a stand in the Viktor Adler Markt. By her side will be Persian setar–, and guitarist Mahan Mirarab, the Turkish violinist Efe Turumtay, percussionist Jörg Mikula, and clarinetist Oscar Antoli. Let yourself drift away to some Oriental music in a nice, cosy living room atmosphere.

Recommended if you like: hummus and falafel, Orientalism, living room vibes, Persian, Turkish, and Kurdish music, spicy food, Oriental carpets, cuddling with your beloved

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