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Small & independent record stores in Vienna you should order from & support during lockdown

No doubt you’re listening to a lot of music to get you through this never-ending lockdown reality show you’re living in at the moment, and no doubt some of you are listening to it on vinyls.

Those of you that are vinyl geeks would know that there’s nothing more sacred and holy than your favourite local record store. That’s why, during this lockdown period while all the independent stores in Vienna are doing it tough, it’s sooooo damn important to support your local record store.

So, if you’re looking to add another vinyl to your collection to ride out this lockdown with in Vienna, instead of ordering from Bezos, order from one of these small and independent stores in Vienna.






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Sissysound Record Store – Vienna’s Independent record stores online

We’re big fans of this sweet little, well-curated record store in Vienna’s 4th district. While their collection isn’t the biggest, you’ll most probably find something you’re looking for, or discover something new that gets you super excited at Sissysound.

You can check out their collection on Discogs (once again we’d like to emphasis – their taste is impeccable in all the genres) and pick your vinyls up on specific days. Check out their Facebook page for details.

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Rave Up! – Vienna’s Independent record stores online

Indie, 60’s & 70’s, HipHop, TripHop, Experiment/Electronic, Punk Rock, Techno und House – it’s all there and more at the beloved record store, Rave Up! This place is more than just a record store, but one of those places where people of like-mind gather to chat about music and ideas. It’s a place that stands for the same sentiments of the music it sells.

It’s one of the old-timers amongst the record stores in our fine city, and they’ve got one mighty eclectic collection of vinyls (and CDs, plus a fair bit of music-related merch’).

Their online store is one of the most user-friendly amongst the stores on this list and they deliver within 2-3 working days.

Record Bag – Vienna’s Independent record stores online

At Record Bag, you can source music to fill your Indie Rock and Pop loving soul. You can send them over an email to ask if they’ve got a particular vinyl you’re looking for ( ), or you can check out there (rather awkward, but functioning) online store. They’re also working with the click and collect (or order via email and collect) system.

Keep in mind: you can’t simply turn up anytime to pick up your record. They’ll be sure to set up a meeting time when you can pick up your vinyls in a contactless kind of fashion. They also stock music-related fashion, CDs and music Merch’.

Substance – Vienna’s Independent record stores online

MON – FRI: 11am – 7pm
SAT: 11am – 6pm
SUN: closed

One of the most beloved record stores in the city, Substance, have set themselves up an online store. It ain’t fancy, but they have an awesome collection, and super friendly customer service.

They’re working with the new click&collect kinda deal in which you do exactly as it says on the tin – click and buy on their website and collect at their store on Westbahnstrasse (be sure to keep an eye on their opening times throughout the lockdown via Facebook).

Konstantin Drobil started Trost Records as a Vienna-based tape-label in the early 90s, releasing mainly local Indie/Avante Rock acts that played at the Flex. Later, Trost started an independent distribution company before finally in 2001 opening the record store, Substance. This place has one of the greatest Free Jazz, Techno, Hardcore and Indie Rock selection in the city. It’s now one of the largest and most popular stores for Electronic Dance music in Vienna.

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