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6 stationary stores in Vienna selling incredibly beautiful things for paper and pen junkies

While many of us rarely use paper and pens in our daily lives, stationery stores selling sleek pens made in Sweden and pleasing-to-the-eye paper out of Japan have seen a boom in recent times.

Some of the reasons why this could be may relate to the fact that journaling has become a popular thing again, and people are apparently loving paper calendars (according to the store owners we spoke to). Or it could be that (our theory) people are just seeking to fill their lives with beautiful things at this particular juncture in history.

Whatever the reason is – from pretty paper to notebooks that will make you want to journal and draw, to pens that are as pretty as what you’ll create with them, these are Vienna’s top (and prettiest) stationary stores.

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Paperbird – stationery stores in Vienna

Monday - Friday; 10am - 6:30pm
Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Currently: Click and collect is possible!


Paperbird is a geometric, graphic designer and a neat-freaks utopia where everything is neatly arranged, ordered, and aligned. Nothing looks out of place here and you can tell that the collection of pens, books, cards, tapes (and the list goes on) has been curated by somebody who knows the trends of the stationary world.

You’ll find all sorts of treats for your eyeballs from Japan and Scandanavia on show at this quaint little store.

© Herzilein Papeterie Instagram

Herzilein Papeterie – stationery stores in Vienna

Herzilein Papeterie has three stores in Vienna with two of them located in the first district, and one in the 18th.

We love the interior of their stores, but are well aware that when we walk in, we’ll find it hard to walk out without having bought a whole bunch of pretty pens and notebooks that were not part of the plan.

Their stores have a vintage flair that feeds into the products laid out neatly on tables and shelves.

We always come here for fancy pens, nicely designed notebooks, and birthday cards that go beyond the ones that look like you’ve picked it up at the gas station on your way to the party.

© Papierhaus A. Katzer | Charlotte Schwarz (knallschwarz.at)

Papierhaus A. Katzer – stationery stores in Vienna

Monday - Saturday: 9:45am - 6pm


Just a two minute walk from the Herzilein shop on Wollzeile, a charming stationery store called Papierhaus A. Katzer is located.

Founded in 1837, it is one of the oldest paper stores in town. And it really spreads this nostalgic vibe when you set a foot inside.

They have gifts on their shelves for children and grown-up children, while their stationary stocks range from wrapping paper to pens, notebooks, stamps and more.

© Maisonette Instagram

Maisonette – stationary stores in Vienna

Currently: Click and collect is possible on the following days:
Tuesday: 10am - 14pm
Thursday - Friday: 2pm - 6pm


Maisonette is party stationary store and part concept store. It has a great selection of what they call, ‘office essentials’ – planners, pens and cards – alongside pretty water bottles, hair clips, scented candles and other random stuff that such a lifestyle concept store stocks. One thing you can be sure of is that you’ll sudden have an urge upon entering this store to surround your life in beautiful things.

It’s one of the cutest stores we know in Vienna and we often go here when we’re in need of an uplifting impulse buy of something beautiful that goes nicely when we’re in the mood to reward ourselves.

© sous-bois Instagram

sous-bois – stationery stores in Vienna

Monday - Saturday: 11am - 6pm
Currently: Click and collect is possible!


If you’re also a stationery fiend and share my passion for all things paper and co, the small French-Viennese papeterie, Sous-Bois, in Vienna’s 7th will make your heart flutter. If you leave Paris for Vienna, it must be for love. That’s what happened for Chloé, a Parisian graphic designer, who came to Vienna five years ago following her heart. Her heart made her stay, and open up a stationery store.

The selection presented seems meticulously chosen and intentionally kept to a minimum. The colours blend into each other, creating a petit, neat, whimsical display – a never-ending paper landscape.

A couple of years back, Sous-Bois grew a cafe on its side. The neat and pretty look of the stationary store carries into the cafe, which serves up breakfast, coffee, cakes and a colourful, French and Oriental flair.

Check out our full write-up of Sous-bois.

© Mastnak Instagram

Mastnak – stationery stores in Vienna

Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm


Mastnak on Neubaugasse is probably THE paper store in Vienna that all creatives who craft with their hands head to on a regular basis.

It might not be as cute, or fancy as the other stores on this list, but it’s reliable in its selection, meaning you should find what you’re looking for here when it’s creative tools, and all things paper, that you’re looking for.

Their slogan – ‘Papier sind wir’ (translation: ‘We are paper’) pretty much says it all. This is the place you go if you’re looking for specific things for your stationary collection.

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