The 10 types of people you meet along Vienna's Gürtel at 4am

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The 10 types of people you meet along Vienna’s Gürtel at 4am

The Gürtel – the grungy night strip, the setting where many stories are made on hairy nights out,

the legend.

Spending a night along the Gürtel bar strip will either leave you with one crazy story you’ll still be telling when you’re 90, a life-changing conversation with a stranger, a new best friend, or a black out and one hell of a hangover.

In this article, we’ll just be focusing on the diverse range of characters you’ll stumble upon along the Gürtel in the early hours of the morning. Here are the 10 types of people you’ll meet along Vienna’s infamous party strip:


1. The lost backpackers out the front of Travelshack

Travelshack is one of those bars where you’ll meet people from all over the world. It’s long been a favourite amongst backpackers. We’ve walked out of there on several occasions having promised some random stranger from God knows where in the world that we’ll travel with them to Alaska. You never know what you’re gonna’ get when turning up at the Travel Shack.

2. Busking musicians from all around the world playing their heart out

As a busy night spot with plenty of foot traffic, you’ll often see buskers performing in the hope for some spare beer money to be thrown their way. A lot of these people are from overseas, and have somehow stumbled into Vienna with no money and no plan, whatsoever.

3. People schmusen (aka. making out) with a Döner

There’s nothing better than getting messy with a late night Döner feast. We’ve all been there and we’ve all hoped nobody ever catches it on camera.


4.The unique population of Weberknecht world

A unique crowd hover towards the legendary bar, Weberknecht. Drinks are cheap there, so the people often have a wobble to their step.


5. People sleeping in bars

Why go home for a nap when you can just have a nice little sleepy-sleep in the bar? We mean, let’s not judge – we all have one person in the group who nods off at the party and comes back to life afterwards with a second life to party on.


6. People having deep Dönerstand conversations

It may seem like a simple job to serve up Döners and Würstel to the party people of the night. But, their ability to put up with a lot of bull**t and be a listening ear to tipsy party-goers that have strayed from their friends cannot be underestimated. We absolutely love these characters.


7. Drug dealers down dark alleyways

Of course, we didn’t dare photograph a dealer. But, yeah. They’re certainly part of the Gürtel partyscape.


8. Drunk dudes pissing in the bushes

Sometimes, you just gotta’ go, so let’s try not judge those that just…go. Ok, we can judge them – that’s juts nasty people!


9. People going to work

To these people that who have just woken up for work and are crossing paths with the rowdy party people at 4am – we salute you!
We’ll probably never know what these brave men and women with early shifts really think of us…um, we mean, those zombies stumbling up and down the Gürtel. For them it’s early in the morning, and for us, it´s late at night. Proof, once again, that it’s all a matter of perspective.


10. People that are just DONE with their night (and temporarily) their life

We think we can honestly say that we’ve all been this woman walking up the Gürtel at one stage or another, right?



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