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4 Viennese-themed make-up ideas to beat facial recognition’s oasch

With all the Instagram MUAs and Tiktok transformations, it’s no secret anymore how the power of makeup can completely change our appearance.

With the rise of facial recognition software, there’s also the rise in attempts to fool facial recognition with colourful make-up and other costumes for the face.

The various make-up techniques being used to trick facial recognition programs and protect online ID was first thought up by activists.

The key is to paint geometrical shapes, and arrange them randomly on your face, to confuse the algorithm, or whatever the hell technology they’re using to recognise our faces.

We’ve come up with some Vienna-themed anti-facial recognition makeup ideas that we thought all you lovely people of this city may appreciate.

Cue catwalk music NOW!

The Wiener Grant

© Marietta Dang/ Vienna Würstelstand
© Marietta Dang/ Vienna Würstelstand

To express your disgust at the use of such facial recognition software, go for the Wiener Grant anti-facial recognition look.

Angry eyebrows and other angry geometric shapes are applied in the colours of the Austrian flag. For best results, do pull your own best version of the Wiener Grant expression. For inspiration, just try to imagine the look on your neighbour’s face when they knocked on your door the other to complain you were playing your music too loud. 


The ‘Sissi’s plays the pandemic’ look

© Marietta Dang/ Vienna Würstelstand

Miss Rona herself and a certain princess from the past inspired this look. Since we all have to cover up half of our faces for most of the day anyway, this look is easy to pull off. OK, that’s not taking into consideration the many hours it takes to put up your hair like in the picture above, but we just did that part for fun.


The Alpine-inspired Glam Ski Goggles look

© Marietta Dang/ Vienna Würstelstand
© Marietta Dang/ Vienna Würstelstand

If make-up is not your thing, you can craft together a pair of stylish-looking ski goggles. Hell! We’d wear these out on the street they look so damn good.

Just slip these on before you sit in front of your laptop screen the next time. Just think how good they’ll look with the ski slope Zoom background!

The Viennese Drag Queen look

© Marietta Dang/ Vienna Würstelstand
 © Marietta Dang/ Vienna Würstelstand

This one is inspired by the masters of transformation: Vienna’s drag queens.

Make your Viennese anti-facial-recognition-makeup a gender bender ( Cuz’ computers also use the binary system, just like some of us humans (add ‘boo!’ sounds here).

Make your efforts to thwart facial recognition software also a fashion statement and take some cues from Viennese Drag Queens – get yourself a wig, put on some glam, and let them have it! The category is – face!

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